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iPhone suffers heatstroke

Looks like the iPhone needs sunscreen, at least when visiting Arizona in the summer.

Jeff, a reader over at The iPhone blog sent in a screenshot of his iPhone apparently suffering heatstroke.

“Don’t sit next to a pool in Scottsdale Arizona when it’s 104 degrees or your iphone will melt away! So how to fix it fast? I put the iPhone between 2 cold beers and it worked!”

“Here’s to alcohol, the cause of—and solution to—all life’s problems” – Homer Simpspon.

Apple officially recommends not using your iPhone at temperatures above 95?F, which more or less leaves out iPhone usage in the bottom half of the country for 4 months a year.

[via The iPhone blog]

6 Responses to “iPhone suffers heatstroke”
  1. The pedant. says:

    That’s cool (well, hot). I do love Apple.’s little touches If it were M$ the thing would just crash or display some error code; the iPhone at least tells you it needs to cool down so you actually know how to fix the problem. Funny how it speaks about itself in the 3rd person, like George in that episode of Seinfeld….

    Leaving the thing in the sun in Arizona was never going to be a good idea for any electronic gizmo, was it? My iPhone gets hot after a bit of heavy use so I can imagine it really struggled there. As ever though, beer to the rescue.

    “iPhone is going to get sh1t faced now. Hic.”

  2. MichMich says:

    Good to know it gives these kind of warnings.
    I’m always concerned about the temperature of my iPhone when I’m under the sunbed.
    Never got this message, so no need to worry.

  3. dasein says:

    I know a lot of humans who have trouble well below 95.

  4. kuzya says:

    At least it teals you that its hot and need to wrest …
    many other would just die 🙂

  5. Ted escobar says:

    Funny thing. I’ve had my phone between my head and a pillow while plugged in and it stays powered up, but won’t charge. I thought something was wrong with it for the longest time, but I finally realized it was a heat issue when I had it plugged in on my bed and it wouldn’t charge. I moved it to the table next to my bed and viola! It started charging. Never saw that screen though.

  6. ncbuilder says:

    I’m in NC and my superintendent routinely has this message on his phone in the summer. Two beers is not an option so it’s the A/C vent in the truck. Kind of sucks…

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