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Jon and Kate Plus 8 minus John minus 7 plus iPhone

kate gosselin iphone

Eagle-eyed faithful Macenstein reader Pukin Dawgs spotted Kate Gosselin, aka the original Octomom, sporting an iPhone on her way to emasculate some guys.

[via TheSuperficial]

9 Responses to “Jon and Kate Plus 8 minus John minus 7 plus iPhone”
  1. Matthew says:

    Ugh. This place is turning into some kind of low rent Hello! Magazine. Who cares about this rubbish? It’s got to be a slow news day when this is the best you can come up with. So some talentless celebrity has an iPhone – Big deal! I mean, millions have been sold around the world so it’s hardly going to be a surprise that celebrities are going to own them too, is it?


  2. kuzya says:

    I agree with Matthew .

  3. Amy S says:

    I agree with Kuzya .

  4. Paul says:

    Lighten up! You want accurate, relavent, hard hitting Mac news? Then (first of all, you’re a dork) look elsewhere.

  5. Mike Meyer says:

    Most of the celebrities spotted here with iPhones seem to be talentless. Or – if you insist – their talents are the result of plastic surgery and good breeding….

  6. modiglian says:


  7. davewhippedgoliath says:

    Matthew go bitch and moan on the 99% shitty mac sites out there we happen to like it here!

  8. sandy says:

    I don’t even know what an iphone is………..don’t use my cell, no minutes, don’t even charge it. use my house phone, love it. i think a lot of all this “electronic” crap is just that, crap. my daughter got rid of her computer and uses her blackberry, well, she has to come to use my computer for the 100 things you CANNOT do on the blackberry,so why have it instead of a cheaper cell?????????? this generation is nutz, glad I’m from the “old school”……….

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