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Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting Revisited: Shauna Sand

Odds are you remember former Playmate Shauna Sand from the hit 90’s TV show Renegade, starring her then husband, Lorenzo Lamas. Well, actually odds are you don’t, but if you did remember her, then odds are you’d be as excited as me that she has an iPhone.

Renegade is probably the most influential TV show of my life, and is the main reason I grew my hair long, got a motorcycle, and became a bounty hunter – cruising the Southwestern deserts for bad guys. Of course, that was before Xena came along, and I became a warrior princess.

[via TheBlemish]

6 Responses to “Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting Revisited: Shauna Sand”
  1. Paul says:

    What’s a “Southwestern dessert”? Ice cream with saguaro sauce?

  2. @Paul,

    You know, I KNOW I always spell that wrong, and for some reason I never look it up.
    – The Doc

  3. OlderNDirt says:

    I think *she’s* the Southwestern dessert. (Oh, c’mon. You knew that one was coming!)

  4. Ken says:

    I do not see an iPhone in that picture

  5. Aldo Johnson says:

    Yeah, “Renegade” was responsible for me being a sidekick. 🙂

  6. modiglian says:

    That horrible silicone job doesn’t let me see anything else

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