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Free Mimobot of the Week: Clone Captain Rex!


We’ve once again teamed up with our good friends over at Mimoco to bring you a feature we know everyone loves – The Free MIMOBOT of the week contest! In celebration of the release of Mimoco’s Series 4 Star Wars Mimobots, each week we’ll be offering you a chance to win a different 2 GB MIMOBOT from the series.

Dude! it’s Boba-Fett’s dad! … sort of…

When you say the word “clone” to longtime Mac users, it often brings up nostalgic, beige memories of Radius or Umax, but to a Star Wars geek, it means something else entirely. While the three recent prequels did little to showcase the awesomeness of the clones, the Clone Wars TV show on Cartoon network has let us see that not all clones are created equal, and perhaps the most awesome of all clones is Clone Captain Rex, the leader of the clone troops.

Yes, this week we are giving away a super cool Clone Captain Rex (or CC-7567, to his clone brothers) mimobot. Loyal, brave – the perfect soldier to assign the duty of transferring your files via USB. Plus he kinda looks like Boba Fett.

To Enter: Cloning in sci-fi movies almost always goes horribly wrong, but it’s still a pretty cool technology. This week to enter, simply tell us what is your favorite fake sci-fi technology? Is it Star Trek’s transporter, Stargate’s Big Ring thing, The T-1000, what? Winner will be picked randomly. Contest ends seven days from now and is open to all readers world-wide. Good luck!

120 Responses to “Free Mimobot of the Week: Clone Captain Rex!”
  1. Josef says:

    Star Trek’s data would be my choice….. Although he is not just a piece of technology you know … 🙂

  2. Lienster says:

    I want Genie as in “I Dream of Genie”

  3. Daisy says:

    As lame as it may sound…. the Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver. I mean what doesn’t that thing do?! Never exactly sure what is or isn’t, is it a lockpick, a remote control, a radiation detector? The possibilities are endless and awesome!

  4. Jonro says:

    I think I’d like a Cherry 2000.

  5. Christopher says:

    Ludicrous speed, as seen in Spaceballs!

  6. juan says:

    Transformers’s Bumblebee

  7. Kurt says:

    Sherman and Mr. Peabody’s WABAC machine!

  8. A. Emre Ünal says:

    Force fields

  9. Carlos Pereira says:

    The Star Trek’s Transporter is my favorite technology because I´m very afraid of flying.

  10. Marlon says:

    There’s only one… Lightsabers!! xD!!

    They should sell them… that will be a huge hit and a dangerous way too LOL! xD

  11. Marcus13 says:

    Lightsabers 🙂

  12. oliver says:

    The red matter of Star Treck..Why the fuck do the carry a huge ball of it around if the just need a tiny little drop?!

  13. Imagine Engine says:


  14. The Mr. Fusion home energy reactor from the Back to the Future trilogy!

  15. Zack says:

    The sand speed that Luke drives in A new hope. and if i was allowed to my second choice would be to slap a flux capacitor in the back of it.

  16. Nico says:

    The Holodeck (from Star Treck)

  17. Arlene says:


  18. The communicator from Star Trek! No, wait, we do already have it… the touchscreen from Star Trek then! Mmm…. we have it too. The holodeck from Star Trek! No, here it is: Damn, is there something from Star Trek we do not already have? — Yes, the most important technology: the Warp Drive.

  19. Karl says:

    Holly Hop Drive – RED DWARF

  20. Eon Cross says:

    the flux capacitor a 10 thousand gigawatts

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