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Free Mimobot of the Week: Vader Unmasked!


We’ve once again teamed up with our good friends over at Mimoco to bring you a feature we know everyone loves – The Free MIMOBOT of the week contest! In celebration of the release of Mimoco’s Series 4 Star Wars Mimobots, each week we’ll be offering you a chance to win a different 2 GB MIMOBOT from the series.

Which will it be? Pasty Gray Darth or young, tan Darth?

This week we are giving away a super cool Darth Vader Unmasked Mimobot. Featuring a removable helmet, the Vader Unmasked Mimobot comes in 2 flavors, and we have no idea which you’ll get. Will it be the newly scared, young Anakin, or the rarer pasty, old Return of the Jedi Vader? (Odds of pasty gray Darth are 1 in 6). Isn’t that exciting?

To Enter: Remember that big deal everyone made when Samuel L. Jackson (aka Mace Windu) requested a purple Lightsaber from George Lucas in order to appear in the films? No? Well, then you’re cooler than me. Anyway, to enter, simply tell us what color lightsaber YOU would want if you had your choice. Winner will be picked randomly. Contest ends seven days from now and is open to all readers world-wide. Good luck!

294 Responses to “Free Mimobot of the Week: Vader Unmasked!”
  1. Hector Z says:

    Black lightsaber!

  2. disuse says:

    I think I’d go w/…

    Dark Dark Blue

  3. ed says:

    forest green

  4. Kris C. says:

    I would definitely go purple.

  5. nekomeow says:

    I’d definitely go for a nice inner blue and glow-changing to purple lightsaber! That’d be sweet! =D

  6. Guillaume says:

    Orange, because, “future is bright, future is orange”…

  7. aaron says:


  8. Blazej says:

    indiglo ! 😀

  9. thisisjohnny says:

    black if possible.

    if not, i’d happily accept orange.

  10. anthony says:

    Lime green with a 90% black hilt! it would be so retro looking!

  11. brandy says:

    red… not too original, but it is my favorite 🙂

  12. Calvin says:

    Hmm, Does Peppermint Candycane coloured count? If not! Pink!

  13. Blue for me and yes I have designed my own lightsaber. How sad is that?

  14. Z Faber says:

    I’ll take a lightsaber (iSaber) made from a single block of aluminium.

  15. Sir Galahad the Pure says:

    Blue. No, yel…auuuuuuuugh*

  16. SB says:

    Green, just green

  17. Brian says:


  18. Ariel says:

    Pantone 1805 C !

  19. Sarah says:

    TEAL 😀

  20. Jordan says:


  21. Scott Simon says:

    The color of the blade comes from the type of crystal inside the lightsaber. I’d pick a diamond. Shine on you crazy diamond – so my blade would be any color the force chooses for me – kind of like the Mac logo.

  22. Jordan says:

    Black like a Black Light for Jedi Raves.

  23. knddl says:

    Pink. Definitely.

  24. andrew kelley says:

    dark red

  25. ashergrey says:

    Glow in the dark.

  26. Chriswan Winata says:

    black lightstaff (dual edge lighsaber)

  27. James Joint says:

    black saber

  28. Jimmy Schapira says:

    Clear, that way they would never see it coming

  29. betsunin says:

    I would choose a Blue one, of course, and may the force be with you….

  30. Lelik11a says:

    black one

  31. Georg says:

    Neon black, what else?

  32. Alan says:

    Purple to get more of a reaction from others. If not purple, then a one of a kind color, to throw my enemies off.

  33. Ned Falconer says:

    Blue 🙂

  34. keith j says:

    Give me a second to flip through my pantone color swatch book.
    I’m going with pantone 5777 C solid coated.

  35. Lienster says:


  36. XYber Druid says:

    twin silver lightabers

  37. XYber Druid says:

    the jedi sabers are different colors because they use natural crystal deposits for they saber crystals the sith synthesize there crystals using the force which is why there always red the type of crystal used in light sabers dosen’t grow in red naturaly

  38. FunkyDinosaurus says:

    Clear, but a UV ray so I can skin-cancer them to death.

    If not that, violet. It would be like, the master saber.

  39. Smorgasbord says:

    Clear. I don’t want my opponent to see it coming. I also want the females in the movie to wear the same color.

    I don’t look good in clear clothes.

  40. biblezombie says:


  41. bas.o says:

    invisible isnt a color but that would be cool…

  42. franiel says:

    something flamboyant. like flamingo colored. or a hippyish tie dye.

  43. jc says:

    I’d choose black, everything goes with black.

  44. Rodney says:

    White. Then if I break it I can wave around a fluorescent tube instead.

  45. Josh Elder says:

    Got to go Green.

  46. alex says:

    dark grey!

  47. Steven Thompson says:


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