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iPhone Engrish of the Day: HOKEN ICHIBA Kosodate Jinsei

Given that all the text in the actual game is apparently still in Japanese, I’m not sure why the developers bothered translating this game description into English. Actually, after reading it, I’m not so sure they did.

Does your selection control child’s life?
The iPhone version of “Kosodate Jinsei” that HOKEN ICHIBA for the insurance comparison offer appears!

Various events occur every one years old, and the child is brought up by the judgment of you of the joining etc. of the quiz, the mini game, and insurance. Do the story and the ending change in the result of the event? What ending do you really receive…? It is possible to play even times how many because it also has the automatic save facility and the high score function anytime and anywhere.

Now you are “Kosodate Jinsei” from today!

4 Responses to “iPhone Engrish of the Day: HOKEN ICHIBA Kosodate Jinsei”
  1. bc says:

    it was likely translated by automated means i.e. software. even the expensive s/w seems to do a poor job

    I see these kinds of s/w translations of Japanese a lot at work, and while this one is comparatively good(!), most of the ones I read actually give me a big headache -I know the page is full of English words, but they don’t belong together in a sentence!

  2. crsrc says:

    So this is an app for a japanese insurance company right? Like the Nationwide and State Farm ones?

  3. @crsrc,
    I believe they only insure babies, but yes. That would be my guess.
    – The Doc

  4. Patrick says:

    But Japan doesn’t have States like the United States does, so State Farm would be translated as just Farm, I guess.

    Also, “various events occur every one years” is very profound and deep.

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