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This app is the shiznit!

Move over Flight Control, there’s a new killer iPhone app in town! That’s right, IBS Symptom Tracker is the shiznit! Literally!

“This application is a bowel habit tracker for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or for anybody interested in tracking their gut functioning.”

Well, that just about covers everyone, right?! So, what makes IBS so awesome? Well, check out this screen.

That’s right, whether or not you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, who doesn’t want to rate their poops with these colorful descriptions? The only thing missing is a global leaderboard so we can submit our stool ratings against others.

[via Test Freaks]

6 Responses to “This app is the shiznit!”
  1. kmoth says:

    That is pure awesome! I nearly shot coffee out my nose when I read that last sentence.
    I can totally see people picking this one up strictly as a hobby. And by ‘people’ I mean me.

  2. Mo says:

    I’m crying so hard its unbelievable

  3. Chris says:

    all it’s missing is a color spectrum chart to identify the color of your stool sample as well as a way to store snapshots of your stool sample for fecal recognition technology… there truly is an app for everyone.

  4. slappy says:

    Thats awesome. I needed an app like this, and this delivers. I can’t wait for the update so that it can figure out why my poop swims around and bobs up and down in the bowl. I think I heard it laugh at me at one point.

  5. dammitjanet says:

    i’m sure hilarity is the order of the day for 9999 our of 10000 people.

    however for the 1 in 10000 people who suffer IBS (syndrome: aka we cant find anything wrong cept it doesnt seem to work right) and IBD (Crohn’s and Ulterative Colitits – aka: sheeit man, we better fix that before you die of malnutrition or a perforated bowel) related diseases

    you might have guessed at this point that i’m one of the latter and it is no laughing matter, srsly

    this program is very useful in recording the ups and downs (especially the downs lol) of a life living with a very unpleasant and crippling affliction. don’t knock it.

  6. HeavyG says:

    In case you need a visual reference to rate your poop –

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