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That’s One Sweet Deal!

I’m not all that into the new iPhone 3G S (nor am I eligible to upgrade), but I was curious to see when I would be eligible for an AT&T “discount”, should Apple decide to release a true iPhone update. Imagine how excited I was when I plugged in all my information on Apple’s iPhone upgrade eligibility site and was offered this sweet deal!

That’s right, I can “UPgrade” my 16 GB iPhone 3G for an 8 GB model for only $300! Way to know your customers, guys! (Incidentally, I can upgrade with a discount January 17, 2010, hopefully right after the new iPhone 4G appears at Macworld).

20 Responses to “That’s One Sweet Deal!”
  1. Greg says:

    Keep wishing for that 4G at MacWorld.

  2. Man thats crazy. I don’t wanna update my phone until we get MMS so I will be waiting

  3. Stop Complaining says:

    the upgrade prices are more than fair.

    do you expect discounts on a new macbook pro because you bought the old one a year ago?

    do you expect discounts on a new car because you bought the same model a year ago?

    yeah…that’s what I thought. just buy the damn thing so my stock keeps going up!

  4. Justin says:

    Well that $299 price is the early upgrade fee which is $200 on top of the full subsidized of $99. I know a lot of people are pissed off, but at least at&t is offering you $200 off the full retail “no contract price” when upgrading early. For people that want the 32GB they only have to pay $499 with the early upgrade vs $699.

    If at&t paid for more than half the cost of your phone ever 12 months they would soon go out of business. I think If people want to complain about price they should tell Apple to sell their phone for less than $699.

  5. Jimmyboy says:

    God, would you give up already, you sound like a whining ass. If it wasn’t for the Mac Chick of the Month this ongoing bitchfest about 3GS pricing would have driven me away already. Get back to writing reviews and giving the web some comic relief.

  6. iShervin says:

    lol Doc
    1. same problem in uk
    2. macworld is kinda dead, maybe CES

  7. Joshua says:

    Remember the part where Apple says they aren’t doing Macworld anymore? 😉

  8. Dave-O says:

    A “real” update, isn’t that what you said about the iPhone 3G initially? You’re just jealous that the iPhone 3G turned out to be the same damned phone with worse battery life and higher cost of ownership. Now that the iPhone really has been upgraded your posts reek of resentment and bitterness.

    Those of us who knew that a new iPhone would be out in a year and iPhone 3G buyers wouldn’t be eligible will be enjoying our faster phones with better battery life; and your complaints will only make us feel better.

  9. aaron says:

    lol, that’s great. apparently I’m the only one that noticed the 8 gb phone is 3G, not 3GS.

  10. crsrc says:

    I don’t think any of you understood this post.

  11. @crsrc, THANK YOU!. Yes, I think almost all of you DID miss the point of this post. I am not bitching about the cost of upgrading at all. What I was pointing out is that when you enter in your account info, I found it odd that Apple offers you the option to UPGRADE your phone to a worse model than what you currently have for $300, as if that would ever be a beneficial choice.

    And @Joshua and iShervin,
    You’re right. Brain fart. Well, CES isn’t that different a date.
    – The Doc

  12. bruce Humbert says:

    But the flaw in your whole argument is that you GET TO KEEP your old iPhone – makes a very nice Touch – so while it is called an upgrade – the point that they should “know” what you have is irrelevant – you get to KEEP what you have – sell it on eBay if you want…

  13. Killer's Dad says:


    Do you think AT&T would offer you an upgrade to the 16GB 3G iPhone if they had any?

    My point is if someone with an Original iPhone or any 3G iPhone dropped their phone in the toilet, wouldn’t they want to see all the options?

    Didn’t I see somewhere that there are no 16 GB iPhones available anymore, just refurbs they are keeping for AppleCare warranty exchanges?

  14. Justin says:

    @killer’s Dad Good point about the toilet. 16GB are available for $149 while supplies last.

  15. Imagine Engine says:

    The early upgrade fee shouldn’t shock anyone if they take time to understand what Apple charges carriers to buy the iPhone before it’s subsidized to the customer. Here in Canada Apple sells the iPhone 3G to Rogers for $650.00 CAD (8 GB model) and $750.00 (16 GB model). A customer isn’t eligible to upgrade to another smartphone such as the iPhone until they complete 24 months from the last upgrade. Even when the 24 months comes due it doesn’t mean the customer will get new activation pricing as here in Canada Rogers takes into account the customer monthly revenue generation, how far into the term commitment (contract) the cx is, how much the first phone was subsidized and how much the second one will cost to subsidize. Example when I did an early upgrade to the iPhone 3G last year I hadn’t finished my original 36 month contract but my iPhone 3G price was new activation pricing because I have a higher monthly service fee for a voice and data plan than a non-smartphone customer who just has a voice plan. My monthly service fee for over 12 months was approximately $120.00 CAD when I upgraded to the iPhone 3G from my previous smartphone (Blackberry). A small portion of the total monthly service fee of a customer plan goes towards subsidizing the phone for the carrier attempting to recover money on what they paid the manufacturer.

  16. crsrc says:


    the point is (since you guys obviously need to read it several times in order for it to register) they are offering an “upgrade” of a lesser product for $300. We’re not talking a replacement or anything else. It says very plainly that these are his (and mine, i checked) choices for an UPGRADE.

    Since you guys seem to like examples of similar circumstances, let me try one too.

    An Airline wouldn’t be dumb enough to offer you an upgrade on your business class tickets by way of coach tickets for the super low price of $300 more than you already paid, would they?

  17. Killer's Dad says:

    Idiot Here…

    Upgrades on airlines aren’t really directly comparable.,

    Do you consider getting to move to the front of the plane and enjoy free all you can drink adult beverages during the poor people’s parade just an upgrade?

    Now, the next question is when a tree falls in the forest, er, uh. No, why would I need an UPGRADE on my 16 MB iPhone if it was working? Then the question becomes, which came first the chicken or the inquiry into upgrades?

    An 8 MBiPhone is an upgrade to a dead iPhone.

  18. ross says:

    those prices are accurate. the price for the iphone 3g is $99 and then the early upgrade adds $200 which brings the total to $299. same with the iphone 3gs’. they are $199 and $299 respectively for the 16 and 32gb and the early upgrade pricing adds $200 each to bring them to $399 and $499. even though you have a 16gb iphone 3g they are no longer available (technically while supplies last at stores) but that’s it. it’s technically a discontinued model.

    hope this helps but just remember, apple is longer doing macworld.

  19. Anon says:


  20. 2coolforu says:

    I’m not quite sure why everyone considers this a fail by ATT… you’re upgrading your phone as well as contract with them and probably selected something along the lines of “phones from apple”… the phones available from apple include one that has lesser specs than yours… but that price is alot cheaper than if you buy one with no addition to your contract…. (around 500)….

    only way this would be a fail is if you were exchanging a phone and presented that option.. which you obviously werent doing

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