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Um… I guess people must be ordering online?

Peter Yan has posted a comparison photo of the iPhone opening day launch (top) and the Palm Pre launch (bottom) showcasing the rather shocking difference in both attendance and media coverage for the iPhone killing Pre.

My favorite part is just how pissed the lone photographer for the Pre launch looks. You know he’d rather be sleeping.

[via Peter Yan]

9 Responses to “Um… I guess people must be ordering online?”
  1. Telp says:

    [Quote] You know he’d rather be sleeping. [/Quote]

    Or at the iPhone launch.

  2. dizzy says:

    Hey, Sprint didn’t want long lines so they got exactly what they were aiming for 🙂

  3. Ken says:

    Went to Starbucks this morning, at 9am there were about 10 people outside the Sprint store. At about 10:30 there were about 8 people outside (I think they were different people), so slow steady sales at launch.
    Chicafo suburbs

  4. imajoebob says:

    C’mon. The networks would interrupt another OJ low-speed chase if Apple announced Steve Jobs was about to fart. It’s like comparing a Robert DeNiro movie with a Brangelina production. You can expect both to be good, but you also know which one will get all the attention.

    The fact people will wait in line for any non-iPhone is a big story in itself.

  5. Jim says:

    The fact that the store wasn’t open yet, and there’s always a line of a few people waiting to get in on any given day should also tell you something…

    Nobody gives a shat about the Pre, other than the 15 or 20 media members who got one for free to review…

  6. geogray says:

    OK, never mind the fact that most cities have dozens of Sprint stores, Radio Shacks and Best Buys. Never mind that many have only one, if any, Apple stores. So, instead of having wrap around the block lines for a small number of outlets, you had quite a few outlets with smaller lines. I’ll bet, collectively, there wasn’t a huge difference. And, yeah, quite a few people-at least here in the Richmond, VA area-did ‘give a shat’ about the phone.
    By the way, the phone works great and has cut, copy and paste right out of the box.

  7. slappy says:

    The media are all printing “Pre sold out” all over the net and soon print. Sold out with lines like that? LOL

  8. Thomas says:

    Oh well…

    If this is what shows the difference between Palm Users and Pre Users, than I´m definitely Pro Pre.

    There simply isn´t a single Product on Earth for which I´d be willing to stand in such a Line full of geeks and nerds. Not even for a Pre.

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