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A nano that can hold 47 trillion songs

Fashion designer Sir Paul Smith got a pretty cool birthday gift from his fellow Brit and BFF Jonathan Ive – a giant pink iPod nano.

On a sad note, four seconds after this picture was taken the giant pink nano was lost in Paul Smith’s cluttered shit hole of an office.

This is one of those cool things that as an Apple fanatic I see and think “Oh my God! That’s Awesome!” and then after looking around my house for a second, I think, “Where the hell would I put that?” I know if I were to get that in the mail, it would only end up collecting dust in the garage out by the Bowflex I never use. At least I can hang wet laundry on the Bowflex to dry… The Giant Pink nano is more or less useless. In fact, I have a feeling Jonny was probably just cleaning out his office and saw an opportunity to pawn off some garbage as a free gift. So Mr. Ive, you’ll have to do better than that for MY birthday next year (March 1st, FYI). I demand a little more thought in MY gifts.

[via Paul Smith’s blog]

7 Responses to “A nano that can hold 47 trillion songs”
  1. George says:

    Isn’t that just from a display at the apple store?

  2. Steve says:

    ‘Cluttered shit hole of an office’…???

    I see books on bookshelves an EMPTY desk and a few piles of books on the floor.

    The price you pay for being a world-famous fashion designer eh? Wow.

    What was that? – No XXXL check lumberjack shirts in his store? Ahh, now I understand…

  3. tcb says:

    are you kidding? I would love to have that thing (if it was a functioning unit). You could hang it on the wall and runs wire through the wall to external speakers and to your mac for syncing. It would be cool to use the large scroll wheel and screen to browse your music on a 3 ft wall mounted iPod. That would be a hit at parties. That is the modern day version of a juke box. Just walk up to it, scroll through the library and make your request.

  4. Andy says:

    I submit that while that it is theoretically possible to build an iPod that can hold 47 trillion songs, there really isn’t a point to doing it.

    Assuming every album has 20 songs, every man, woman and child on the face of the planet since 1950 would have had to produce nine albums per year in order for someone in 2009 to be able to fill that iPod. Only by year’s end in 2008 would the feat finally be accomplished, with 47,648,335,356 songs available to put on it.

    (That’s based on world population data from Wikipedia – before 1950 the span of years between pollings became too large for me to want to do any more extrapolation.)

    Yes, I’ve got too much time on my hands – I’ve been waiting for a contractor all morning and I don’t want to start anything important in case he shows up.

  5. Aaron says:

    Not to mention it would take in excess of 100,000,000 years to listen to it all.

    Still, I think that it made a great gift. I’d probably fit the screen with a flat panel TV for my living room, so Jonathon if you have any extras lying around, my birthday is on August 11th. 🙂

  6. Jonro says:

    …”the giant pink nano was lost in Paul Smith’s cluttered shit hole of an office.” There’s a fine line between irreverent and rude. I think you just crossed over it.

    That said, I wonder what’s on the other side of that iPod? A giant scroll wheel? Something functional? Enquiring minds want to know.

  7. Gringer says:

    Aside from being rude… it’s not the truth either.. The source story says nowhere that he lost it.

    Anyhow, I would love this kind of thing aswell.

    Apple TV $299.

    iPod TV Jukebox $299 would be an accaptable price for a 24″ screen, scrollwheel and at least 320 GB storage with atleast power cord, battery life of 5 hours ( to take it to the beach) and USB/Ethernet port (USB to upload to it from USB Stick or “iPod”, ethernet to sync from Mac.

    Just my 2$

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