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Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting: Milla Jovovich

If there’s one thing I love in this world, it is bad zombie movies. And if there’s THREE things I love, it is all three Resident Evil movies (and God willing, the rumored 2010 “Resident Evil: Afterlife”). So that is why I am going to go ahead and call Milla “Leeloo” Jovovich a celebrity Mac Chick even though I only have a 89% certainty that she is holding a 1st gen iPod touch in these pictures. Besides, “touch” and “Mila Jovovich” just seem to go together. Thoughts?

Milla Jovovich ipod touch

Milla Jovovich ipod touch

[via Celebslam]

12 Responses to “Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting: Milla Jovovich”
  1. Artur says:

    lol, the second picture really shows what the publisher attached importance to…

  2. John says:

    I think 89% may be high. That little black plastic-looking part is going the wrong way, isn’t it?

    And, how do we really know who this is without seeing her face, or at least, part of her face? Am I just supposed to have faith that Milla would have a big “M” (maybe it’s a W) on her keyring?

  3. iShervin says:

    I say 91.4 % it’s a first gen iPod Touch … πŸ™‚

  4. erik says:

    John: here is the full set

    And that’s definitely a touch

  5. Jonro says:

    Leeloo, pay no attention to them. I still love you. πŸ™‚

  6. darrell says:

    i’m 89% sure that you could bounce that iPod Touch off her ass.

  7. Wade says:

    Well, it’s Milla, not Mila.

  8. Wade says:

    “That little black plastic-looking part is going the wrong way, isn’t it?”

    Paparazzi shots like these are often reversed.

  9. Vicente says:

    Alice in Resident Evil. The only reason I can think of for making me watch zombie movies.
    And Wade is right, her name is Milla

  10. thisisjohnny says:

    milla jovovich hot.

  11. thisisjohnny says:

    and by my previous post, i meant to say “not equal to” hot.. but html didn’t like my less than, greater than SQL statement, so now:

    SELECT * FROM hot_women WHERE girl_name = ‘milla jovovich’

  12. rebe says:

    ya thats milla also she has a pink M keychain

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