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Crazy guy puts iPhone 3Gs on an RC plane

Probably the most overlooked feature of the new iPhone 3Gs is its ability to take aerial video. In fact, I could find no mention at all of it on Apple’s website. But there’s no denying that this video, taken from an iPhone taped to a remote control airplane, is pretty damn impressive. (Oh, and thanks to the wind noise, you might think it was strapped to a 747, so we recommend you turn down the audio).

Hey, I can see my house from there!

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Justin for the link!
[via When Will Apple?]

9 Responses to “Crazy guy puts iPhone 3Gs on an RC plane”
  1. KDC says:

    Would’ve been better with a Flip Mino HD.

  2. Jonro says:

    That’s pretty cool. It would also be cool to use a program like Trailguru to track the flight path and speed of the plane. It would be like having a sophisticated flight recorder on your RC.

  3. KindredMac says:

    Great way to stalk that ex-girlfriend of yours……. ummmmm…. wait did I just say that out loud?

  4. Bryan says:

    I just threw up from motion sickness

  5. iShervin says:

    niceeee. 😀 cool video

  6. Art says:

    Much better focus than the 3G. I think I must upgrade… Great video guys…

  7. regularg0nz0 says:

    Helicopter, plz!

  8. Dave-O says:

    You mean iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3Gs would be multiple iPhones (hacked since the iPhone 3G doesn’t do video out of the box). I know that you’ve been bitter about the 3GS, but that’s just petty.

  9. lynn weriler says:

    Brilliant! Perhaps we could rid ourselves of ATT and start new ISky Service

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