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Finally, a MacBook Pro for Ninjas!

I have good news for all of you upset by Apple’s recent price drop in in its portables. Colorware has stepped in to fill the high-priced void by offering a limited edition run of 10 “Stealth” MacBook pros, for only $6000 each.

So, what do you get for your $6000? Well, you get a $4,249.00 MacBook Pro with a pretty cool matte paint job. The Stealth sports a 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 8 GB of RAM, and a 256GB solid-state drive (and of course a 15-inch matte screen to complement the matte finish).

Only 10 will be made and I plan to buy THREE, so I recommend you place your order soon so you have them in time for Labor Day presents. I know after I dropped the ball last year and forgot to give the wife and kids Labor Day presents I vowed to get my shopping done early this year.

7 Responses to “Finally, a MacBook Pro for Ninjas!”
  1. Rubén says:

    But the connectors should also be black. Like the old black MacBook has it.

  2. Not to be a major killjoy. But that simply won’t work well as a computer.
    It’ll just overheat!

    If I’ve learnt anything from physics it’s that matte black objects absorb and radiate tons of heat, whereas silver shiny objects just reflect get rid of all heat.

    Clearly all of the latest Macs have gone Aluminium because of this! (and of course they look stunning this way) But think about it, it’s totally logical. And also may be a reason for ditching the cool black MacBook.

    I’m sure it’ll be fine most of the time but damn that MacBook Pro will heat up like a mother bitch!

  3. Brandon says:

    Or… I could just go buy a black macbook from eBay and a used Honda.

    Hrm. Decisions, Decisions.

  4. Matt Davis says:

    @brandon: i actually just laughed out loud. hahaha +1

  5. Matt says:

    or you could buy the $4,249.00 MacBook Pro and $5 can of flat black spray paint and $5 worth of masking tape and take the left over $1741 and goto Vegas Baby.

    But remember that black mac books have been linked to melting the polar ice caps.

  6. They should make a plastic one, so that you can see all the inner parts! That would be fantastic to look at and show to your friends!

    But not the kind of plastic they used in the Palm Pre (as you’ve already posted), but some kind of fancy high-tech unibody steelhard plastic

  7. Reuben Rushton-Taylor says:

    @Florian Vanthuyne – the macbook is made of plastic, dont you mean transparent plastic? yea that would be cool though :D. BTW i sprayed my old macbook white with matt black then added gloss over the top, it looks cool now 😀

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