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Macenstein’s Mac Chick-en of the Month July 2009: Leona Devi

Faithful Macenstein reader Simon writes: “I hatched this chick and it loves to sit on my PowerBook G4 as it is nice and warm. Do you think this counts as Mac Chick Of The Month?”

Well Simon, due to some unforeseen scheduling conflicts with Miss July, it just might have to… Good thing she’s cute!

• Name: Leona Devi
• Age: A week old
• Location: Norfolk, UK
• Occupation: None
• First Apple product you bought: I am still very young, but I do love the warmth you get from a PowerBook G4. I am sitting on an 867Mhz model in the picture and it is very toasty.
• Favorite Apple Gear: Besides the PowerBook G4, I do love the iPod Photo
• Favorite non-Apple Gear: I do love my heat lamp
• Favorite TV Shows: Anything except the adverts for KFC
• Favorite Movies: Chicken Run, it fills me with so much hope for the future
• Favorite Bands: Limp Bizkit, I do love rocking to that kind of thing
• Hobbies: Just chilling with the chicks
• Pets: Um… none… I’m only a week old
• Web site(s): I don’t have a website, but this would be a good place to put a shameless plug to

33 Responses to “Macenstein’s Mac Chick-en of the Month July 2009: Leona Devi”
  1. Pyzio says:

    wtf ???

  2. kraig says:

    look at all those dock icons! how many are there?

  3. Loweded Wookie says:

    Umm, a bit of jailbait at 1 week old isn’t she?

    Great legs though.

  4. Thunder says:

    Mouahahahaha !! xD

  5. guidmo says:

    mmmmhh! yummie

  6. Daniel says:

    Pretty but I enjoy longer, fuller legs myself…. sorry Leona. 🙂

  7. Carlitos says:

    Come on, Doc, where’s the wallpaper?!?!?!?

  8. David says:

    She is going to be so yummy when she grows up.

  9. Simon says:

    Hilarious. And submitted by myself.

  10. Ofek says:

    She is HOT!

  11. piju says:

    oh damn, i thought it was a girl

  12. Matty says:


  13. Pity no Mac Chick but at least you made a good joke out of it.

  14. Reagan says:

    Just wait until she grows up. I’m gonna smear barbecue sauce all over her and go to town! Mmmm mmm!

  15. Matt says:

    This months mac chick is not all it’s cracked up to be..
    mmmmmmmmmmmm Chicken……

  16. darrell says:

    dammit. i had the lube out and everything.

  17. iShervin says:

    sexyyy ,,, ilike

  18. Eduardo Flores says:

    Hahaha. That´s what happens when you don´t read completely “Mac chi….. ” and I had already pressed the button.

  19. Jonro says:

    I assume the egg hatched using the heat from the PowerBook Incubation Unit. C’mon doc. Go down to your local Apple Store and recruit a MCOTM.

  20. Love this Mac chick, she has sweet little wings – a purrfect angel….

  21. AvedisWolf says:

    Chicken MACnuggets.

  22. Justin says:

    Meh she’ll do………..fap fap fap………….

  23. Kha Kha says:

    The Mac Chick of the Month is the only thing I have to look forward to. Thanks. Now I have to go kill myself.

  24. CyberTeddy says:

    thanks doc! this was a bit different, but good 🙂

  25. Mike Major says:


  26. Steve says:

    “I’m not sleeping I just can’t open my eyes” Yuk yuk yuk

    I think Dr MAC. that you should add the Curly quote of the month to your fine assortment of stuffs!

    BTW, she’s got hot legs 🙂

  27. Daniel says:

    I’m sure members are feeling a little cheated this month…
    We normally get at lest “one” wallpaper of the Chick of The Month. LOL! 😉

  28. matt says:

    best mac chick of the month ever!

  29. Dominik says:

    you made my day, thanks

  30. David says:

    Dear Dr. Macenstein!

    Where is the WALLPAPER! I’d love to have this mac chick on my desktop, but you haven’t provided the usual wallpaper download!

    Please make this available!


  31. Gringer says:

    How about a Chick with a Chick-en ?
    Together being hot and playing on a PowerBook G4 ?

    (The Chick-en could pose as a third boob)

  32. Chris says:

    I think we deserve 2 next month

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