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The internet is about to get really annoying

One of my pet peeves (and there are MANY) is the way computers are portrayed in TV and movies (especially the show BONES). I hate how in Hollywood, every single button press, every page scroll, every single piece of text that appears on screen (which for some reason, always does so one letter at a time, like a typewriter) makes a beep, pip, bloop, or what have you, and I especially hate how different screens of information (usually professionally taken mug shots of 3rd world terror suspects) swirl around in an inefficient and annoying manner. Sure, it looks cool… until you imagine having to use it.

Well, looks like the future of the web might be the annoying present of Hollywood if this demo of “3D CSS Visual Effects” in Snow Leopard’s Safari by Charles Ying is any indication.

Sure, it looks cool NOW, but imagine trying to really find information this way. I know the point of the demo is to dazzle us with eye candy and inspire the mind to think of things to come, but I have a bad feeling in 2 years every blog is going to look like this and the world’s productivity will freeze dead in its tracks. Or at least mine will. Because there is no way I will be able to resist making a Mac Chick picture wall like that. No way.

[via MacRumors]

19 Responses to “The internet is about to get really annoying”
  1. Gary says:

    But this is just the same as Cooliris which we already have, and which IS cool looking but also amazingly practical. I find flipping through hundreds of images on a Google Image search much faster on Cooliris that the traditional method.

    I do agree with you however that the way computers are portrayed on TV is ridiculous, I haven’t seen Bones but CSI:Miami is just as ridiculous with their futuristic multi-touch system, and the way when any information is being searched for (fingerprints, people)you see the computer visually searching while making silly blips and beeps!

  2. Justin says:

    Anything that can kill flash is ok in my book 🙂

  3. I’ve seen enough hollywood movies now to know that the internet is evolving too fast. It’s only be too soon that the internet creates a mind of it’s own and we have our very own iRobot, Eagle Eye, 2001 or Matrix on our hands! It’s only a matter of time now!

  4. Hugh Morand says:

    How cool would that be that you could browse a pics folder like that !

  5. darrell says:

    i’m gonna take you guys way back to jurassic park’s unix based-security system. with just the keyboard the chick was able to navigate a FPS-like UI and unlock all the doors.

  6. Tom Ross says:

    This is totally cooliris ( ). Which you can design website for as it is I believe. I have my webpage of my DVD collection (which I need to update thanks for reminding me) able to be used by it too ( ). So not original. Can’t wait for something really new and different and inefficient for you to rant about, this is wasn’t even worth reading or viewing. Also available for your iPhone too.

  7. Tom,

    well, here’s something else I can rant about… people who are experts in one area of life and then talk down to people who are not. I’d bet something like 0.0009% of the Earth’s population has heard about Cooliris, so please don’t act like it outranks Google’s homepage.
    – The Doc

  8. MacSheikh says:

    :-O How dare you say something bad about Bones! You’re dead to me now, Doc. Dead, i say!!

    But I’ll still come back for the Mac Chicks, of course.

  9. 3WME says:

    Cooliris has close to 16 million Firefox downloads, according to my incredibly brief research just now, but that’s not the point. Yes, things can be pushed too far but like Gary said, for something like Google and Flickr, it’s another method to see hundreds of images at whatever speed you want, not the speed that those websites give you.

    Of course, if I search for an image on Google, I’ll stick with Google, it just makes sense, it’s the easier way to find what you’re looking for, but for a slideshow you can control, no beating stuff like this.

  10. Tom Ross says:

    Ahhh, I feel better, you sound much more like the Dr. Macenstien I like to read. Thanks.

  11. kirkgray says:

    I love how money is always transfered a penny at a time. I’m sure a bank transferring a billion dollars to terrorists would much rather make 100 billion tiny transfers than 1 big one.

  12. Justin says:

    16 million / 6 706 993 152 = 0.00238556975

  13. dave says:

    I can’t believe your dissing this. If you’ve seen any movie portraying even a few years into the future, we’ll all be used to scanning the internet like this. No keyboard needed!

  14. Matt says:

    my eyes hurt now and i am feeling a bit green. that was like blair witch.

  15. Tice says:

    I’m so with you! Specially all those Flash sites get on my nerves. Gee, what’s wrong with pure and simple HTML? A plain navigation, clear URLs and no %-loading time ahead when you just want to hit a site.

    Maybe if the content is boring people try to spice it up with graphic gizmos but the content doesn’t get better that way – it gets even more anoying.

    Thanks for that statement!

  16. DesignerDude says:

    Geeez bet you are a techy!

  17. Hindsight says:

    What makes me laugh on CSI is 1) how quickly they enter the search parameters, 2) how quickly the results come back, and 3) how perfectly relevant the results. It’s as though the database tracks everything about everyone and queries entered with just a few keystrokes can pick just that data from what would amount to 50 billion billion TB of info. “Let’s run this cell’s DNA…” [swoosh blip] “Ah it’s Bob the gardener’s son’s sidekick who got arrested for selling bogus timeshares in Borneo to red headed doctors wives 5 years ago. That explains why our red-headed person of interest might have a plane ticket to Borneo- but wasn’t Bob in prison at the time? Run a search of all airline desk employees from 3 years back who might have had access to prisoners at San Quentin…” [clack clack clack…2 second pause with flashing cascade of people flitting by] “Ah here we go.” CSI’s computers put StarTrek TNG’s food replicator and holodeck to shame. I still watch it every week though, Caruso’s Horacio character is who I aspire to be someday, minus the Hummer.

  18. evil tabby cat says:

    The terrifying truth about the Jurassic Park computer system:

  19. Kaleberg says:

    My first thought when I heard about this stuff was “How do I turn it off?”

    I’ll admit computers are pretty bogus on TV and in movies, but at least they chucked the old tape drives going back and forth and all those punch card sorters.

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