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Um, that ain’t no Zune…

Faithful Macenstein reader Whaps writes:

“Doc, I was looking at a new Ford that has SYNC technology (unfortunately by Microsoft) and I decided to check out the website for complete details. To my surprise, a technology developed by Microsoft is showing the international symbol for iPOD above the word PLAY. Interesting. Whats your take?”

It is interesting, Whaps, but understandable. After all, if they had tried to put an icon that looked like the Zune, the resulting “WTF is that thing?” support calls would have overloaded Microsoft’s overseas support center. But what I found equally interesting was that when you delve further into the site, not only do you see more iPods, but you also see this curious phrase:

“Most popular media players are compatible with SYNC …including iPods, the Zune, Plays from device players and most USB drives.” Now, I’m no copy editor, but it seems to me that the word “popular” is being used somewhat misleadingly with its all-inclusive connotation there.

2 Responses to “Um, that ain’t no Zune…”
  1. Killer's Dad says:

    First Rule of Marketing: If you can’t say you are the best, no one else will.

    Why would M/Soft put iPod before Zune in a list of most populars?

    This is the company that’s selling the cheaper Windows 7 OS’s for half-price while keeping Windows 7 Ultimate at full-price, attempting to keep the illusion that the BEST will cost you.

    Reminds me of the old Sears, Roebuck & Company strategy.

  2. Robert McLaughlin says:

    You’re missing the point that Sync works great with iPods and iPhones. There’s no real Apple alternative so this isn’t a Microsoft vs Apple thing. Using my iPhone with Sync has been a great experience and beats my friend’s BMW system. Ford would sell a lot more cars if people understood what a bargain Sync is. I get in my car, leave the iPhone in my pocket and play music and make phone calls by voice command over Bluetooth. My wife’s iPhone and my kids iPods all connect also. It’s an ARM11 processor with 256MB ram and a 2GB flash drive with USB and Bluetooth. Microsoft can pretend all day, nobody’s buying the Zune, but they may have their place with products like Sync.

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