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Dane, Gayheart, Miss Teen USA sex tape “Made on a Mac” (litterally?)

Is there a story I can’t apply an Apple-slant to? Apparently not.

Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy’s “Dr. McSteamy”), his wife Rebecca Gayheart and former Miss Teen Kari Ann Peniche apparently filmed some sort of sex tape a while back, and, surprise surprise! It has now leaked to the internet (as all sex tapes invariably do – remember that, kids!). The video (link NSWF) basically revolves around them getting stoned while naked, and it’s actually way more boring than a stoned threesome sounds. Boring that is, until around 1:33 in when the THREESOME turns into a SIX-SOME and what appears to be a MacBook, an iPod, and an iPhone crash the party! Awww yeah….

Above: Miss Teen USA Peniche and some lucky Apple gear.

Hopefully they moved those things out of the way before the “real” action began, otherwise this video gives the term “Made on a Mac” a whole new meaning.

[via Gawker]

6 Responses to “Dane, Gayheart, Miss Teen USA sex tape “Made on a Mac” (litterally?)”
  1. Old Smells Well says:

    That’s one reason to buy a new computer over a refurbished computer and even more so over the good deal you found on craigslist. Do your really want a computer that has been used, beaten, and left with ^%#@! all over and the computer and inside the keyboard? Besides, if you ever travel and they find that stuff on the Hard Drive, your butt is toast (and of course, that video will be online).

    Speaking of which, people, make sure you wipe your hard drive off before you sell it. Do the 35 pass wipe, or better yet, buy a new drive and stick in the computer and keep the old one. No one wants to see your pot smokin’ threesome on the internet — especially your relatives. (Possible a few cousins are the exception for some of you)

    Thanks for the tip Doc. I’ll make sure to pass it on to my kids — Don’t have sex and record it. It will get you in all sorts of trouble. Don’t do anything illegal on tape, as it may get you in trouble like that swimmer dude who’s related to the Dell dude. 😀

  2. Min says:

    So, “Friends don’t let Friends have sex and tape it”? hmmm….. It makes a nice T-Shirt. What do you say Doc?

  3. darrell says:

    @old smells – i believe most refurbished machines are new machines that arrived defective. and it’s pretty common knowledge that soap dispensers in public bathrooms probably have more germs then that iPhone 3gSome in the clip.

    as for the social morality of making yourself a low budget amateur flick – there’s nothing wrong with it until you start showing your friends or coworkers. that’s when we’re allowed to start judging you 🙂

  4. Xero says:

    @Min theres already several versions like that

  5. Min says:

    @Xero 🙁 I feel so outdated.

  6. Jonro says:

    I think that someone is trying to get a reality show. Eric and Rebecca Plus One, or two, or whoever drops by that evening.

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