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“iFlighter Control” totally revamps the Flight Control genre

If you look quickly at these shots of the new game iFlighter Control you might foolishly think the game is a total rip-off of the wildly successful game Flight Control which has dominated the iTunes charts for months. But if you look closely, you’ll notice that the developers cleverly moved the pause button to the top of the screen from the bottom, thus totally changing the gameplay, and completely justifying Apple letting this original gem of a game through. Bravo Apple! Bravo!

iFlighter Control

flight control rip-off

flight control rip-off

As you can see, the games may APPEAR identical, right down to the fonts, but by moving the placement of the pause button, iFlighter Control’s developers really pushed the envelope in game development, and deserve to be applauded.

Flight Control

flight control rip-off

flight control rip-off

10 Responses to ““iFlighter Control” totally revamps the Flight Control genre”
  1. Jack Aubrey says:

    Its hilarious how Apple will go to extraordinary lengths to protect its own intellectual property, but will do nothing to protect those of its “business partners.” (Thats the term they use with devs, to make them feel good about themselves. They are taking 30% after all)

  2. crsrc says:

    I’ve pretty much lost all respect for apple because of how they are handling the approval process of the app store. I still love their products but they seriously have to fix it or else its gonna drive the good devs away.

  3. david says:

    you did not look closly enuff… the stewardess in the rip-off has the handle of her trolley (suitcase) in her hand… the flightcontrol lady has nothing at all…

    color of the ramps: red/yellow vs. yellow/red
    highscore: horizontal vs. vertical (devided)
    Playing field: stripes va. caro
    Helicopter landing: blue vs. green
    stewardess: both eyes open vs. one eye closed and gloves vs. non-gloves
    Game buttons: round va. cloudy form…

    so…. after further examination: no ripoff at all *LOL*
    I join you “Bravo. Apple. Bravo!!!!”

  4. KenseiDave says:

    Yeah that’s just blatant plagiarism.

    But I guess Apple is happy to continue banning dictionary apps that may have some rude words in it ;p

  5. Matt Davis says:

    smart idea on the devs part tho, cuz now they’re gonna profit big-time on the app from unsuspecting buyers who think its the same one (which it pretty much is)

  6. Aleks says:

    is there anything that can be done? I haven’t seen something like a “report”-button in itunes…

  7. Mike says:

    I know, you’re not interested, but this isa large part of why I sold my iPhone and bought a gPhone. No review process for the android market place, a button so you can flag apps as inappropriate, and a refund process already in place.

  8. Serge says:

    Been playing Flight Control for a few weeks and rather enjoying it… As a software developer myself, this is what comes to mind when I see “iFlighter Control”:


    Or something like that. Hard to put into words, really. But you get my point.

  9. kmoth says:

    I imagine it’s Firemint’s responsibility to take action on this, not Apple’s. There should be less policing by Apple, not more.

  10. Operator207 says:

    Seems iFlight Control is not available in the US store. Not sure if it was taken down, or just not available here in the US.

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