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Rapper Ice-T smashes his non-working Mac with a hammer – impresses no one

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of idiots try to impress people buy destroying already broken Apple products on YouTube, but Ice-T is by far the most famous idiot we’ve seen to date.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Andy for the tip!

23 Responses to “Rapper Ice-T smashes his non-working Mac with a hammer – impresses no one”
  1. Loweded Wookie says:

    I wish he’d give that Lithium Ion battery a couple of wacks with the hammer so that it explodes in his retard face and kills him. Then he would go down as the biggest dickhead (c)rapper in history and no one would ever respect him ever again… although he is doing a good job of doing that himself as it is.

  2. Rob says:

    Was it me or did anyone else notice that he was concerned about his data, Yet he left the HD intact…. LOL

  3. Fabian says:

    Come on, it’s Ice-T! I mean, Ice T!!!

    But anyway, dog in the background is bored as hell.

  4. Liam says:

    What a Moron! Why would you destroy it could probably be easily repaired and then donated to a charity or something

  5. Bjarki Gudjonsson says:

    It’s his call. Non-news.

  6. darrell says:

    we need to see a video where soulja boy repairs a PowerBook so the feud between these two can continue.

  7. Mark Kerrigan says:

    Can anyone say part mule? Seriously, there is little to no reason to justify destroying a $1300+ system just because the screen broke. He’s probably not properly disposing of the computer, and is refusing to consider the recycling potential of his broken Mac.

  8. Angel says:

    En España hay un dicho:
    “Dios da pañuelos a quién no tiene mocos”
    o lo que viene a significar, que Dios le da el dinero a quién no lo sabe utilizar.
    Menudo pringao.

  9. Jonro says:

    He saved the battery from a five year old laptop? For what? It’s not going to fit any other laptop, or anything else for that matter. This was wasteful, but a broken five year old laptop isn’t worth much, if any, money and he would have trouble giving it to a charity with a nonfunctional screen. This episode looks idiotic and wasteful, but what was he going to do with it anyway?

  10. iphonerulez says:

    It’s good when you have plenty of money to burn. I’m totally envious. He could have just gotten the display replaced. I would have just hooked it up to a spare monitor as he had mentioned and used it that way. Rich people have so much more fun in life.

  11. macsimilian says:

    @macenstein: even though I’m not a native english speaker I came to me that, believe it or not, you’ve made mistake in this post. You write “try to impress people buy destroying” shouldn’t it be “by destroying”?

  12. Andy says:

    4:14 “Cooling prongs” – wtf?

  13. Frogmella says:

    Here in England, we would call him a twat.

  14. Teegan says:

    I live how he took the battery out cause he thought it was important….why didn’t he take the RAM or the HDD out too??? The hard drive was probably the most useful part of that computer…..
    If you broke your screen you either hook it up to an external monitor or make it a media server, tard….

  15. Loweded Wookie says:


    I used the word “twat” on MacWorld and they edited my post saying it is a naughty word. Americans don’t know anything about English and yet they have the nerve to say they speak it properly.

    So for America the word “twat” (prounced tw@t) is an idiot or a moron although it can be pronounced twot in which case it means vagina. So I guess Ice T is an idiotic vagina which is about right I guess.

  16. Imagine Engine says:

    Wow. Definitely one dumb ass understanding of how to recycle computer parts. As well he obviously doesn’t care who gets hold of his hard drive. Doesn’t he understand someone can still retrieve the data contained on the platters.

  17. MB says:

    Cheaper to buy a new Laptop than replace the screen on one that old.

    I’d love to see him try that with a uni-body MacBook.

    I have had Macs die (bad hard drives and one got a new resistor on the videoboard) but my 6 yr-old PowerBook, 8 yr-old iMac, and and 25 yr-old 128K Mac run fine. I think I may the only one who might want the battery (his looks like it would fit mine and is a bit newer)

    Shit breaks suck it up or buy a warranty….or get a netbook that you can pitch when hard-drive fills up.

  18. Paul says:

    Not one shot of Coco, who is obviously in the background getting upset! If you saw his wife Coco you know why he was cruel not showing her on the video. Proves he is a moron.

  19. hwoodinsider says:

    he’s been a shitheel his whole life.
    notoriously stupid, he’s long been a running joke in the industry.
    now there’s video proof.

  20. Marcus says:

    Firstly, he’s going to “send it to mac?” ok…

    Secondly, “Hi, I’m Ice-T, and I’m a mac” 😀

  21. SJ says:

    Screw the Mac. Show us video of him hammering Coco from behind. 😉

  22. Blue Borscht says:

    Macs always break down, but their fanbois never like to talk about it or admit it.

    There’s a good facebook group out there which addresses a lot of Mac problems, you can find it here:


  23. Matt says:

    What a d-bag

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