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Windows XP Times Square Crash

Well, they say any publicity is GOOD publicity, right?

OK, I realize this error may have more to do with Flash than Windows XP, but if you’re looking for unbiased tech journalism, keep walking.

[via 12ideas]

10 Responses to “Windows XP Times Square Crash”
  1. Matt Davis says:

    OS X ftw!!

  2. Jose says:

    Losers, This Is Why A Mac IS Better.

  3. Brian says:

    You guys are right…. and since OS X never crashes, whenever it does actually happen to computers that I service, I tell the user, “What you are seeing never happened. If you tell anyone about this, Steve Jobs will come to your house and over-feed your goldfish.”

    User says, “What does ‘An unknown error has occurred’ mean?”

    I say, “Shhhhhhh. Go back to sleep, you’re having a bad dream.”

  4. darrell says:

    with a mac you would see a spinning beach ball, followed by a force-quit dialog.

  5. Killer's Dad says:

    -> Brian

    Mac OS X – The Rolls-Royce of computers!

    Or at least you are a Roll-Royce type service person!

  6. Matt says:

    Operating Systems that Crash = All
    Application that Crash = All
    Users That think Mac’s Don’t Crash = All.

    No OS is infallible because they are all written by Humans.

  7. Killer's Dad says:

    -> Matt

    Gee, hmmm, All Mac Users think Mac’s don’t crash?

    That’s a little = EXTREME

    Me thinks your equation #3 ? ALL

    While the equation (# Mac Crashes/User < # Winders Crashes/User)= TRUE

  8. thisisjohnny says:

    there might have been a time when someone would say, “wow, that thing is a piece of crap” — but those times are long gone.

    people are so used to windows machines that constantly tank, i bet people probably shrugged it off as something that just happens.

    “reboot and try again.. and if it crashes again — don’t do that thing.”

  9. Patrick says:

    The plural of Mac is Macs, not Mac’s.

  10. Smite says:

    “OS X ftw!!”

    not so fast….

    crashed OS X display at PHL.

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