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AT&T sends out confirmation text messages – MMS really IS coming September 25th

Of course they didn’t send one to ME… I assume mine will come NEXT September. But for the rest of you, it looks like AT&T really WILL be delivering MMS September 25th, even if it IS a couple days after their summer deadline.

Faithful Macenstein reader Phil from Pittsburgh, PA got this text message earlier this evening. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with Phil having jailbroken his iPhone or not, so let me know if any of you receive similar messages. Writes Phil:

“yea i just recently re-jailbroke mine after doing a clean upgrade to 3.0 for the sole purpose of having the HUD sbsettings app, works great for killing off the iPod and safari processes that seem to linger in the background and slow everything down. As for mms I don’t have an icon or anything to send one but am for some reason the only one to get the text, I did a carrier file upgrade at some point to get tethering(which does work and didn’t show on my bill) but that is all. Here’s to hoping it’s true!!”

Oddly, I have gotten so used to sending e-mails from my iPhone over the past two years, I really don’t know how much I care about MMS. Only my lame friend Sean (and 11-year old girls) still have a RAZR or something that can’t handle e-mail attachments, and since I never write to either, this probably won’t affect my life all that much. But at least it’s one more thing we can cross off the “iPhone user’s bitch list”.

5 Responses to “AT&T sends out confirmation text messages – MMS really IS coming September 25th”
  1. m4tt says:

    someone at my office got it yesterday. here’s to getting mine soon.

  2. Obama Pacman says:

    Didn’t get mine either.

    Email FWT, but I can see why some people might want it.

  3. the_0ne says:

    Yeah, I got one yesterday 9/22. Strange thing is, I work with 2 guys that have iPhone 3G’s, both have 3.1 software and both have had MMS working for days now. My MMS does not work. 🙁 Guess they’re special.

  4. kkthxbye says:

    you poor americans 🙂
    here in germany mms is available since 3.0 i think.
    but anyway, who needs mms? since we all can post emails, i don’t see any need for mms.

  5. Donut says:

    will MMS work on those of us who are still on the 3.0 Firmware??

    been kinda avoiding upgrading and then jailbreaking again.
    plus i use the tethering feature every once in a while.
    i hear that if u go to 3.0.1 that you will lose the tethering hack.

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