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Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting re-re-revisited: Blake Lively

blake lively

We’ve seen Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively a bunch of times before walking around town with her iPhone, but I thought this pic was particularly exciting because blake is apparently using the same iPhone case as me – an orange iFrogz luxe.

I finally have my ice breaker.

[via Celebslam]

7 Responses to “Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting re-re-revisited: Blake Lively”
  1. thisisjohnny says:


    … yeah, i’m “that guy”

    i think i have an icebreaker too. it looks like she’s wearing the same pumps as me….

  2. Batman says:

    But what are things in her hair?

  3. Min says:

    That hand behind her back is huge!!!!!!!!

  4. fractured says:

    Whose purple zombie hand is that on her back? Can it be mine?

  5. j says:

    to where does she call? It’s to ben? does she waiting ben’s calling,
    about date night? please refuse ben’s calling, be as natalie portman
    refuse sean penn. there will be more nice guy for you, think about
    your future.

  6. Gussy says:

    Your looking at the hand, and an iPhone. I can’t stop looking at her legs.

    @Batman they are rollers, for curly hair. Or something like that.

  7. Surf says:

    Who cares about her hair. Look at that body.

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