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iPhone 3G S – now with 17% fewer salivary tumors!

The Environmental Working Group has put out its list of the best and worst cell phones in terms of radiation, and while the iPhone fell somewhere in the middle of the pack, it is interesting to note that the new iPhone 3G S has bounced back a bit from the giant leap forward in radiation it took when it made the move from Edge-only to 3G.

Of course those of us who have long touted the benefits of wearing tinfoil hats can continue to have a good laugh at the rest of you while we use our iPhones with impunity. (Of course, those of us who wear tinfoil hats ironically have no one to call…).

But don’t get too worried about the health risks of using your iPhone. While there may be a couple phones out there with less radioactivity than the iPhone, I bet none of them can boast they have 5 Geiger Counter Apps. Now THAT’S what I call safety!

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Walter for the tip!
[via Wired]

2 Responses to “iPhone 3G S – now with 17% fewer salivary tumors!”
  1. m4tt says:

    that would be 8 Geiger Counter Apps and one of them tells if your lying.
    Shame on you Doc.

  2. Eugenio says:

    the first batch of iPhone 3G was a bit pricey but now the price is more affordable than before. I bought two units of iPhone 3g and i am amazed of this phone.

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