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Let’s all send a MMS video at 5PM Friday and see what happens

DSL REPORTS is claiming AT&T is more than a little bit nervous about Friday’s US MMS rollout for the iPhone. According to the site:

“AT&T and its MMS partners are already seeing “record traffic during peak hours of the night” with just the users selected for testing.

That early testing has been a little rocky, with AT&T seeing a fairly significant test outage yesterday that has them rushing to beef up their MMSC messaging servers. Estimates among those working on the project are that traffic on AT&T’s wireless network will be about 40% higher all day on Friday as iPhone users fire pictures and video at one another.”

Well, I for one would like to see AT&T add about 4000% more servers. Maybe then they would have the infrastructure in place to allow them to UN-cripple Slingbox for the iPhone and let the bandwidth flow.

Of course, in order to get AT&T to really beef up its pipelines, it would need some sort of catastrophic PR event to embarrass it into action. So here’s hoping all you wacky kids who actually leave your houses on Friday night decide to drunkenly send each other a ton of lame videos of your cats and such. I would do it myself, but I have no friends, and will be spending this Friday night as I do EVERY Friday night – eating a barrel of UTZ cheeseballs, alone, in the dark, crying.

12 Responses to “Let’s all send a MMS video at 5PM Friday and see what happens”
  1. Nate says:

    You’re married; you ought to be doing something else on Friday night. Don’t you also have kids?

  2. crsrc says:

    normally I would jump all over this but I am actually afraid that if it goes horribly they will take back the MMS that I’ve grown very fond of over the last week.

  3. Ken says:

    I’m sure they have the bandwidth, I think it’s just the video and audio “sniffing” software that everything goes through that causes the slowdown.

    Moving a file from point A to Point B has been easy to do for several decades now.

  4. Chris Leither says:

    Invite me over Doc… you pay the flight etc… and I accompany you… I’d also cook some special dish ^^

  5. SJ says:

    I’m game – let’s all be responsible for AT&T ulcer #4,897. If they won’t improve their network proactively, we’ll give them a reactive reason for doing so. 😉

  6. m4tt says:

    it’s ok Doc send MMS to Mrs.Macenstein

  7. macpeter says:

    Yes Dr macenstein, i think mrs macenstein is going to want to investigate what you are up to with those UTZ cheeseballs

  8. biblezombie says:

    I was feeling sorry for you and was going to say you could MMS me if it would make you feel better. Then I remembered there is a Bride of Macenstain and you really should be MMS-ing her on Friday night.

  9. m4tt says:

    the MMS update is up

  10. Sending now…
    Tick… Tick… Tick…
    – The Doc

  11. Kelly says:

    I have followed all of the directions for the update. (Yes, I restarted the iPhone.) And I still cannot get MMS to work. AT&T is a failure.

  12. I love cheeseballs! That sounds like a damn good night.

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