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There’s nothing funny about stalking… except this

I debated about putting this one up, figuring I had missed the boat last week and everyone had seen it already, but enough of you have sent it in that I don’t want to risk anyone missing it.

[via AdamThinks]

3 Responses to “There’s nothing funny about stalking… except this”
  1. Operator207 says:

    Sweet. I wish they had the iPhone before I was married. I guess I won’t be buying this “suite of apps”.

  2. Mike C says:

    Ha ha what’s funny about this parody is that 32 seconds in, the guy who is the lawyer is actually a newscaster for Fox 5 here in NYC. They even used his last name is the law firm name.

    Here is his wikipedia entry:

  3. Loweded Wookie says:

    WOW, American Ford Escorts are crap.

    Why does America not know how to build cars. The best Fords were made in England. Go figure that one out.

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