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Got a thought worth 6¢? Behold the Notepod!

Looking for a way to get true handwriting recognition notes on the iPhone? Well, tough. But look at these super cool iPhone notepads from Notepod!

iPhone paper notepad Each sheet of the Notepod will run you 6¢, so only write your brainiest of thoughts.

For a mere $18 you can get 3 packs of 100 sheet iPhone notepad goodness that will let you scribble anything you’d like on your iPhone. They’re the perfect gift for the iPhone obsessed geek in your life. Well, actually the perfect gift for them would likely be a new iPhone, a case, speakers, or at least some iTunes gift certificates, but these are pretty sweet too.

iPhone paper notepad

I actually have a little problem with cool custom notepads like this in that I never want to actually USE them. I remember at an E3 about 10 years ago I got a “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” notepad brick, and as I used it, the Buffy Logo eventually was half-cut off, and I was left staring at Sarah Michelle Gellar’s chin.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jimmy Schapira for the link!

[via Cool Material]

2 Responses to “Got a thought worth 6¢? Behold the Notepod!”
  1. I want some! I’m going to try and expense them.

  2. alex says:

    maybe I’d use it until the height of the notepad matched the iPhone’s..

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