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Wanna weigh your blow? There’s a phone for that

On his way to lunch, Amsterdamian Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten (awesome name, btw) happened to see this iPhone cocaine scale in the window of what appears to be a very classy, and upscale boutique.


While cocaine isn’t legal in the Netherlands, apparently weighing it is. But of course you don’t have to use this only for cocaine… you could use this portable, concealed scale to weigh any number of legal white powdery substances as well. In fact I would think this would be invaluable to secret spy chefs everywhere.
[via The Next Web]

One Response to “Wanna weigh your blow? There’s a phone for that”
  1. Kresten says:

    If you use the substances it was made for, you would probably find yourself trying to call your homie with a coke weight, while he’s trying to find a weight app.

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