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A message from the iPhone to Droid and WinMo

One of the good things about having over 100,000 apps available on the iPhone is it more or less allows you to spell anything.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Xavier for the link
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7 Responses to “A message from the iPhone to Droid and WinMo”
  1. Ed says:

    Since I didn’t get it at first… FUCK YOUR SMaRT pHONe.

  2. Obama Pacman says:

    Well the Droid only has about 200MB storage available for app installs, so not exactly too smart.

    These are NOT the droids you are looking for.

    Should be: fudge your ancient MS-phone with freetard os installed.

  3. eifer says:

    the 80% of apps on iPhone are useless, and for the price of an iphone I can bought three droid

  4. malcanta says:

    This is why I visit Macenstein everyday!

  5. Greg says:

    @eifer: and do what with the three droids? Figurte out which one is ringing? Copy & paste between the droids? What a troll.

  6. mwm says:

    @greg: you’re right – multitasking means one android phone is sufficient. It’s the iPhone that you want more than one of: one to run Pandora on, and one to surf the web/read email/check your maps on. To bad the price breaks the wrong way for that.

  7. AN says:

    Or two droids – one to talk and one to surf/chat etc.

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