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Family Guy takes a Jab at Windows 7, Mac OS X

Family Guy took a couple of geeky jabs at both Microsoft and Apple’s OS’s recently. One unforseen benefit for Apple in having under 10% of the computer market is that probably only about 10% of the Family Guy audience was familiar enough with OS X to even knew it was an Apple Jab, where EVERYONE understands Microsoft bashing. I also noticed that just like the two different brand philosophies, the Apple joke was more subtle, well designed, and “just worked”, while the Microsoft jab was obvious, clunky, and not all that well put together.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein readers Justin and pimax for the tips!

[via and When Will Apple and Gizmodo]

11 Responses to “Family Guy takes a Jab at Windows 7, Mac OS X”
  1. Min says:

    Oh~~~~Oh~~~~~ I guess we gonna just have to wait~~~~ LOL! love it. Good Joke!!!!

  2. sean says:

    Both are hysterical. :o)

    But I really love the ” …….. and the number 5″ comment. Too freaking funny.

  3. Jonro says:

    Oh Spinning Beachball of Death, how you mock us!

  4. ObeyTheFist says:

    I have a tiny little aneurism every time i see that damned beach ball.

  5. Tom B says:

    At least the beach ball of death tends to disappear sooner than the hourglass of death– and it’s more colorful!

  6. Mark Kerrigan says:

    Not even funny, at all, for neither.

  7. CJ says:

    the best part of the Windoze 7 joke was that the first commercial to air during the break was a Windoze 7 commercial. I absolutely lost it.

  8. imajoebob says:

    In all fairness, just having the Windows joke is impressive. They probably had about 24 hours to write and edit that joke into the show, since Microsoft was supposed to have an official sponsorship deal with Family Guy, and dumped them at the last minute. They have to write it, lay it out, send it to Korea, animate it, and dovetail it back into the show that was already complete. I’ll bet the next one is much better!

  9. Evan Hammerman says:

    i was thrilled to see the spinning color wheel (that is what I call it). At first I had a disconnect; I know what that is, but what is it doing in a Family Guy episode?

    Then I realized: ninety percent of people watching are scratching their heads and going, Huh?

    Those wacky people at Family Guy!

  10. ArtOfWarfare says:

    Neither was even slightly funny.

    And maybe it’s just because I’m in ME where the school systems all use Macs, but everyone recognizes that spinning ball of death here.

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