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Microsoft Pitch-man Seinfeld upgrades to an iMac

Faithful Macenstein reader William writes:

Curb Your Enthusiasm had its “Seinfeld reunion” episode on last night. To help bring it to fruition, the production crew faithfully reconstructed the original sets, modernizing them with some updates, which they highlighted in the fall promo: a new refrigerator, an HDTV and granite counter-tops.

One update they failed to highlight nevertheless made its appearance in several shots. Seinfeld’s commercials for Microsoft notwithstanding, that ain’t no Dell on his desktop.”

2 Responses to “Microsoft Pitch-man Seinfeld upgrades to an iMac”
  1. Ralph says:

    To be fair, there was always a Macintosh in the background on the original set of Seinfeld. If you watch an old episode, you’ll notice a Macintosh LC (at least, that’s the model that I remember seeing).

  2. Min says:

    And Elaine is a blackberry people. Seinfeld should you an iPhone!!!

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