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The “Where in the world is Steve Jobs?” Contest

Attention graphic designers and “Where’s Waldo?” fans! We have teamed up with the good folks at Pixelmator for a new contest here at Macenstein designed to test both your creativity and your love for everyone’s favorite temperamental CEO, Mr Steve Jobs. Announcing the “Where in the world is Steve Jobs?” Contest!

Steve Jobs
Above: Now THAT’S what I call a “Mac Chick”!

The rules are simple, just download this pre-cutout headshot of Steve Jobs (right click to download) – shot courtesy of the awesome Ben Stanfield – and use your graphics program of choice to place Steve in whatever creative situation you want. Entries can be funny, moving, or just plain disturbing (but please, let’s not have Steve banging a horse or anything). We’ll pick our 3 favorites, and dish out some decent prizes for your 3 minutes of hard work.

1st Place: A Copy of Pixelmator and a $100 iTunes gift card!
2nd Place: A Copy of Pixelmator and a $20 iTunes gift card!
3rd Place: A Copy of Pixelmator and our best wishes!


Entries must be submitted by Sunday December 13th, 2009 and you may enter as often as you’d like. E-mail your entries to: And if you don’t own a graphics program, why not download the free 30-day trial of Pixelmator?

Thanks, and good luck!
(oh, The contest is open to all readers, but unfortunately we can’t send iTunes cards internationally. However you can still win the Pixelmator copies).

8 Responses to “The “Where in the world is Steve Jobs?” Contest”
  1. Obama Pacman says:

    No offense but I like your regular Mac chicks better. =p

  2. Will be a fun task.

    BUT Doc, is this competition up for grabs worldwide or just US?

  3. Daniel says:

    Very cool contest!
    I could use a graphics program and or iTunes card! 🙂

  4. davewhipped goliath says:

    hmmm now where are those stills from Army of Darkness

  5. I thought Apple fixed the iTunes cards issue so they could be used around the world?

  6. OGenius says:

    I tried the free version of Pixelmator and I found it really complete! I’ll surely try to win the software! Thank you Macenstein!

  7. Gangsta Lean says:

    Ummmm…. when are they going to announce the winners?

  8. matt Castleman says:

    Lets see the winners!!!

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