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This looks scary as hell

I have yet to see the film “Paranormal Activity”, but if it’s half as scary as this trailer for “PC Normal Activity”, well, then… well it won’t be all that scary, actually. (Although my inner fanboy did cringe a couple times). Enjoy!

A bit of back story on the origin of PC Normal Activity is provided by its creator, Peter Yan .

“I don’t understand why PC users hate Macs and Mac users so much. Those quotes were picked from just some of many hatred comments from one of my videos.”

Well Peter, I think I know why most PC users hate Mac users. It basically comes down to the fact that most people do not like to see other people happy – for any reason. I know I sure don’t.

I’ve always felt that Mac users, in general, are happy to own a Mac and enjoy using it, where most PC users seem to look at their computers more like an appliance – something they use when they have to to complete a given task, but certainly nothing to get excited over. PC users don’t get that emotional attachment to their computers – or to their family, friends, and pets for that matter.

I mean, if I had a nickle for every kitten I’ve seen a PC user step on…

8 Responses to “This looks scary as hell”
  1. Bjarkovic says:


  2. kuzya says:

    nice , as usual 🙂

  3. Joel says:

    God that’s creepy. Someone out there has to do that same video but all the Macs will be replaced and have PC’s. BTW I’m a Mac user and PC user but Windows is on my Mac. So….. you figure it out

  4. BMOC says:

    so when does this come out??

  5. Tice says:

    Haha, great. And yes scary somehow… I guess it’s like all paranormal phenomenons – the more knowledge you have, the less scary it is … ; )

  6. G W Bush says:

    mac is for fags

  7. imajoebob says:

    I’m surprised to say I agree with your theory. After I bought my first Mac in ’03 computing was suddenly enjoyable. Not just the things I could do with a computer, but the actual doing. That made me happy. And it made me want to share being happy – almost as strong a behaviour as disliking others’ happiness.

    So PCers are confronted by a bunch of evangelized Mac users, who keep telling them how great the Apple is. Unfortunately, what they hear translates to “PCs suck, so you’re an idiot.” It took me a while to learn that the correct answer to. “Is that an Apple? How do you like it?” is just, “Yes, it is. I like it a lot, thank you.” For some reason they didn’t like feeling stupid for buying a crappy computer. Go figure.

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