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“The 12 Days AFTER Christmas” Giveaway: Day 31 – Any Speck laptop bag you want

This contest is closed. Congrats to faithful Macenstein reader Billy.

On the Thirty-first Day After Christmas, Macenstein gave to you (or, more accurately, gave you a chance to win…) Any Speck Laptop Bag you want!

speck laptop bag

That’s right, whether you own an old black or white MacBook, a MacBook Air, or the big daddy 17-inch MacBook Pro Speck’s got you covered in style. The winner gets to choose any style laptop bag in any color for any model Apple laptop that Speck makes (assuming it is currently in stock on their online store). So head on over to the Speck Store, pick out your dream bag from their wonderful selection (including the TuckPack, CorePack Fly, AftPack, or PortPack), and then enter below.

To enter: Sure, we all like to think our iPhone or MacBook can do everything, but the reality of it is most of us still end up carrying a bunch of gadgets with us, and we could use a nice bag to help manage them. So to enter, leave us a comment telling us What portable gadgets do you find yourself using in a given week? A laptop, Phone, GPS, iPod, Pedometer… Insulin pump? Winners will be picked randomly 7 days later and notified (kind of like in The Ring, only with less killing… we hope). Open to ALL READERS WORLD-WIDE. Good luck, and thanks for reading Macenstein! (Oh, and be sure to enter ALL our “12 Days AFTER Christmas” Giveaways!)
Please note: Comments may take a while to show up, please do not double-post. Thanks!

272 Responses to ““The 12 Days AFTER Christmas” Giveaway: Day 31 – Any Speck laptop bag you want”
  1. Victor says:

    iphone and macbook

  2. My iPod Touch. Every day.

  3. David says:

    Of course, my iPad!
    -shhh… don’t tell anyone i have one already-

  4. Philip says:

    MacBook Pro and BlackBerry Storm 9550.

  5. hito says:

    iphone 3gs 🙂

  6. mike says:

    droid, MPG, iphone 3G

  7. szo says:

    Macbook, IPhone

  8. My iBook, and my iPhone are the 2 most common. My iPods don’t get too much use anymore. I’ve gone back to CDs since my car stereo is from the pre-iPod boom. (pun intended)

  9. Billy says:

    laptops(dell & apple) iphone, gps

  10. Bob T says:

    Daily – iPhone, Weekly – MacBook Pro

  11. Chris says:

    Macbook Pro runs 2nd

  12. asiej says:

    new macbook white

  13. imajoebob says:

    PowerBook, iPod, cheap phone. Is a paperback a gadget?

  14. Rick Nunn says:

    MacBook Pro, iPhone, SatNav, Canon 50D + lenses + flashes + light meters etc… & a moleskine, that counts right?

  15. Josh says:

    17″ Macbook

  16. Dave D says:

    iPhone and MacBook; what more do you need?

  17. gordon says:

    booring – my 32gb 3gs and my blackbook 13″ 2.4ghz

  18. Mandie says:

    iPhone, MacBook, digital camera

  19. ryan says:

    iPhone, Macbook Pro

  20. Lapin says:

    job phone

  21. Alan says:

    macbook pro 17″
    soon an ipad


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