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“The 12 Days AFTER Christmas” Giveaway: Day 34 – A Technocel PowerPak

This contest is closed. Congrats to faithful Macenstein reader Ronny.

On the Thirty-Fourth Day After Christmas, Macenstein gave to you (or, more accurately, gave you a chance to win…) A Technocel PowerPak!

This ultimate universal charging solution combines a backup rechargeable battery pack with a rapid home charger. Providing the extra juice when you need it, the PowerPak will recharge your handheld device at the same time as it recharges itself via the wall outlet. If you’re a frequent or long talker who constantly runs out of battery in the middle of the conversation, the PowerPak was designed for you, providing up to 3 hours of extra talk time. For those who are eco conscious, this solution meets Energy Star requirements by drawing very minimal power from the wall outlet when no additional power is needed. The easy to read, LED indicator lights reveal the remaining capacity of the PowerPak battery reserve with the press of a button. Interchangeable tips included in the packaging provide compatibility for 95% of all handheld USB devices. The PowerPak is also compatible with any other USB cable that might have been provided with your wireless device.

To enter: For gadget geeks like myself, there’s a certain comfort that comes from having a little extra power with you. And speaking of power, we’d like to know, if you had the power to switch lives with any person on the planet, who would it be and why? Winners will be picked randomly 7 days later and notified (kind of like in The Ring, only with less killing… we hope). Open to ALL READERS WORLD-WIDE. Good luck, and thanks for reading Macenstein! (Oh, and be sure to enter ALL our “12 Days AFTER Christmas” Giveaways!)
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162 Responses to ““The 12 Days AFTER Christmas” Giveaway: Day 34 – A Technocel PowerPak”
  1. Andy says:

    Osama bin Laden, so I could turn myself in to the CIA.

  2. Joe Mamma says:

    Conan O’Brien

  3. SniderVX says:

    No one, really…

  4. reelist says:

    Myself..at 18 🙂

  5. Kelly A says:

    John Stewart

  6. dr Who says:

    No Thanks, I happy 🙂

  7. Vince says:

    John Mayer… Hello Aniston and Guitars…

  8. Aldo Johnson says:

    Definitely not Steve Jobs, because I’m not a genius like him. Hmm… I think I’d like to be Jennifer Love Hewitt, simply because she thinks she’s soooo cute!

  9. Seth says:

    Someone beat me to this. I’d trade with an Astronaut. I’d like to see the world from space (where you can’t see any of the artificial political divisions)

  10. SB says:

    I really wouldn’t want to trade….

  11. Double U says:

    Ron Jeremy, but just for a couple of days

  12. toblo says:

    steve jobs! would love to be able to play with all those gadgets

  13. Juan says:

    Steve Jobs

  14. hito says:

    a prince of a emirate maybe…

  15. Carlo says:

    John Malkovich. Wait, wasn’t that a movie?

  16. Adri says:


  17. criest says:

    my law lecture, coz he made me having the bad results

  18. szo says:

    Steve Jobs

  19. Jim says:

    Someone younger

  20. John says:

    Jay Leno

  21. Derek Foo says:

    interesting question, i would love to be steve jobs, but when I switch lives with him, would I get his intellect and foresight too?

  22. Adam G. Davie says:

    Lebron James

  23. Woz, because he’s genuinely a really nice down to earth guy.

  24. Billy says:

    Ellen Degeneres, she is funny, and nice, and it would be interesting to see what it feels like to be a girl, but not have to deal with guys, her partner is hot.

  25. Mark says:

    Sawyer from Lost, Juliet, Kate or both…hmmm 😉

  26. Taylor says:

    If it’s a permanent switch, then nobody. If it’s temporary, then Pres. Obama. I bet there are a whole slew of national secrets that few people other than the president know.

  27. DJ says:

    Colin Ferrell

  28. kuzya says:

    finally – a question that requiers people to think a little bit .
    if it a permanent change – I think no one or I’m happy as I am, if it for a week or month – I think with some movies star – just nice to try different things.

  29. JEK says:

    I would choose a dictator, child abuser or a like and then kill myself….

  30. Roy B says:

    Pretty much happy with who I am.

  31. Bob T says:

    Richard Feynman – so I could understand everything I think I know about physics

  32. Jennifer says:

    Annie Leibovitz, because she’s a badass photographer.

  33. Mikko says:

    Conan O’Brien, just for the heck of it. Unemployed, 6 feet tall redhead with 34 million in your pocket. 😀 Umm, maybe not. I prefer my life.

  34. Christophear says:

    Steve Jobs of course

  35. Robert Crosby says:

    Bill Gates, lots of money and I could finally use his power for good, rather than evil 😉

  36. Tim says:

    I’d just like to have a do-over of myself.

  37. Dave says:

    The guys from Top Gear because it’d be awesome to drive those cars and GET PAID TO DO IT (and be really funny)

  38. J McLain says:

    Myself. I don’t want to be anyone else.

  39. Peter Murray says:

    Myself of course.

  40. mpeterke says:

    …Steve Jobs, to get an iPad early…

  41. Daniel says:

    Definitely El Jobso, because then I wouldn’t have to waste so much time reading MacRumors.

  42. imajoebob says:

    Giada DeLaurentis’ husband. …and she cooks!

  43. crommatrixx says:

    anyone who does not have a job involving computers.

  44. regularg0nz0 says:

    Morgan Spurlock

  45. Gaurav Raul says:

    This is an odd one, i agree but… John Nash

  46. Chris says:

    Too many possible answers! I guess it depends on what time of day you ask this question….

  47. Rick Nunn says:

    Probably Vincent La Foret, he gets to play with all the Canon pro camera gear before it comes out, and that would be whoresome!

  48. Steve Jobs … it’s obvious … right? 😛

  49. Ned Falconer says:

    Peter Griffin? 😛


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