Enter our “Love is in the Air” Mimobot Valentine’s Day giveaway! - Macenstein

Enter our “Love is in the Air” Mimobot Valentine’s Day giveaway!

This contest is closed. Congrats to faithful Macenstein reader Adri.

Well, that didn’t take long. Yes, just 1 day after finally ending our 12 Days After Christmas Giveaway, we’ve once again we’ve teamed up with our good friends at Mimoco to bring you yet another awesome contest! What makes this one so awesome? Well, aside from giving you a chance to win cool stuff, THIS one might actually save your relationship!

free valentine mimobots

Admit it, you totally forgot that Valentine’s Day is less than 1 week away. I know I did. Well, here’s your chance to make up for being such a callous oaf and actually give that special someone in your life something they’ll truly appreciate… portable storage! Yes, nothing says “I Love You” like a USB flash drive, and we’ve got a set of 4 GB tokidoki™ Adios and Ciao Ciao Mimobots up for grabs (that’s 8 GB of love total!), one for you, and one for that special lady in your life. Or, if you’d like to keep being a callous oaf, TWO for you! (What did she ever give you anyway?)

free valentine mimobots

To Enter: We’re taking a slight detour from our usual “Just leave a comment” thing here today… we’re actually going to make you work for these. So here’s the deal. We want you to write a love poem about your favorite Apple product. Entries must be a minimum of 15 words long, and the winner will be picked from our esteemed panel of judges on February 13th. Open to all readers world-wide. Good luck! (oh, and these won’t arrive before Valentine’s Day, so you might want to picks something else up, just in case).

43 Responses to “Enter our “Love is in the Air” Mimobot Valentine’s Day giveaway!”
  1. dan says:

    six foot cord or brick mode
    mag safe connector with green and red lights
    how i love my 85 watt adapter

  2. Matthew Smith says:

    Every day your smiling face
    Your cheerful beep
    Began when I turned you on
    You were colorless
    However you helped me
    Express myself for a decade
    Other Macs have come since
    Bigger, faster, more colorful
    Yet none matched your personality
    Your grit in spite of your tiny screen
    I’ll always remember my “Macintank”
    My first Mac
    my Mac SE

  3. Payne says:

    oh great mac
    in you how i believe
    for working, surfing, playing
    oh great mac

  4. Bryan says:

    How I love thee, my MacBook and iPhone
    Let me count the ways
    You come with me everywhere; I’m never alone
    With you I can stay connected for all my days.

  5. Roy Stone says:

    with out flash
    some of the web
    looks like trash
    with no ir transfer
    and bluetooth that’s really
    of no use.
    But apps galor
    from the App Store
    true love is an iphone
    that’s jailbroke
    making it truly my own.

  6. Wiseguy says:

    ‘Cause of MacBook Pro,
    My productivity soars
    Anywhere I am.

    One haiku alone
    Does not total fifteen words,
    So here is one more. 🙂

  7. Haris says:

    My MacBook Pro is so nice,
    I’m looking in his 15.4 inch eye.
    I see the rainbow, stars and clouds,
    I feel green grass below my toe.
    O, Mac.!
    You truly make me feel alright.
    My love for you will never die!

  8. Katrina says:

    Sleep little MacBook,
    for in the morning I shall wake you.
    Recharge you little battery,
    for in the morning we shall play.
    Sleep my little Mac Book,
    for this love will never die!

  9. ewang says:

    iPad, full of beauty and mystery. glossy, with curves, impenetrable visage, capable of being a window or a closed door. Why no camera? Why no Flash? So full of mystery.

  10. filthyrotten says:

    Darling iTouch
    master of media and music and such
    thou art the button less savior
    of mine once oft music less behavior.
    How droll those hours in hindsight be
    Wherefore was I, dearest, without thee?

  11. Bergerbot says:

    -My Lappy love-

    iBook G4 taken straight from two thousand and four
    You are the apple of MY eye…
    Your glossy texture holds fingerprinted memories from long ago and your
    1.2Ghz power core makes videos look as if filmed in a 1984 post war
    Simple and mysterious, non double-finger scrolling, but serious
    Who needs a working right arrow key when you have the other three…
    Not me.
    Over the hill battery with a limited four light marque
    Power plug keeps the power sedated like a prescription drug, connected by a non magnetic hug – this is true Lappy love

  12. Ode to my new iMac:

    Beautifully bezeled you sucked me in
    Reminiscent of Reese Witherspoon with an oversized chin
    The OS that never breaks, it’s so easy to use
    If I boot you up will you turn me on too
    With a price tag this steep I will use you for years
    Bootcamping to Windows always brings me to tears
    I love you my new iMac and you should always know
    I am your computer geek and will never let you go

    The Ballad of the iMac G5:

    R.I.P. my old G5 iMac, you served me so well
    Now you sit in a corner, like a giant you fell
    No built in WiFi or bluetooth connection
    Still I loved you and showed you affection
    You converted my family, my friends and my neighbors
    I felt like I abandoned you when my wife was in labor
    You were part of the family, you should have been there
    Still you welcomed your brother and pictures you shared
    Your life ended abruptly, WiFi was necessary
    But you were as outdated as my grandmother’s Blackberry
    Go iPhone!!

  13. Ron Cross says:

    darling macbook
    your shell is so brushed
    you help my work
    that’s why i love you so much

  14. Daniel says:

    You booted up and touched my heart.
    I knew right then, we’d never be apart.
    We walked, talked, Googled and realized you were made for me.
    I knew right then, I’d saved enough to make you mine.
    You’re the closest to perfection I’ve ever known,
    and I want to thank-you for the love you’ve shown me,
    my lovely iPhone.

  15. Carlo says:

    There once was a man with a PC
    who fought with it unceasingly
    so it happened one day
    he threw it away
    and brought home an aluminum iMac

  16. Oh sweet iPhone, sweet precious iPhone!
    The way you browse
    The way you entertain
    The delicious aroma of your fresh packaging
    The silky touch of your gentle touch screen,
    All cause me to soar
    on the interweb’s wings.

    Please don’t ever leave me,
    Don’t ever make me cry
    No worries though, sweet baby,
    I will never leave you for a stupid Blackberry.

  17. xero says:

    Whether working in the day
    or playing in the night
    my fingers dance on Keyboard White
    when I wish to bring my ideas to life
    I bask in the glow of
    My Macbooks power light

  18. chris says:

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    only fifteen words
    and i could have a Mimobot.

  19. Max says:

    You are so beatiful, I go crazy with your curves, I love to touch every part of your body, I love to stay with you all night, I just simply love my Unibody MACBOOK PRO!!


  20. Jonro says:

    iMac, iMac screen so bright
    Programs running through the night
    Safari and Mail, you keep me up to date
    With Address Book and iCal I’ll never be late
    Always so useful with no viruses to rid
    I love my imac, with black and silver trim.

  21. J McLain says:

    Oh, how I love you, iPhone dear,
    You’re more than music to my ear.
    Your apps my heart they do entwine,
    And waste almost all of my time.

  22. Brad says:

    Alas you can not run the leopard of snow
    but you are certainly far from slow

    some may sneer
    and turn their rear

    at this subtle nod
    to my faithful G5 quad

  23. Ernesto says:

    I still remember fondly the first time I lay eyes on you. Your gentle lines seducing my hand. Your soothing whispers inside my ears, taking me closer to bliss. Inside of you resides the soundtrack that gives my life meaning, the pulse that makes my heart pump. You comfort me when I am down. You alone know my deepest desires, my guilty pleasures. A companion for life in you I have a found, oh velvety red iPod of mine! Thank you for being a light in my once radio hostage world.

  24. Hanan Marton says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The iPhone is sweet
    And his apps are great too!

    woo hoo… I made it to 16 words!

  25. Victor says:

    I loved you while I was waiting,
    I hated you when you came to me,
    I hate that i love you,
    iPad, don’t let the children cry…

  26. Brian Lindsay says:

    Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    Snow Leopard is amazing.
    But Windows 7 is poo.
    You never let me down oh mighty Leopard of Snow.
    But Windows 7, you just simply blow.

  27. Aldo Johnson says:

    iMac oh iMac,
    thou art a beaut.
    I know ’tis a feeling not fact,
    Yet sentiment runs hard abut.

    The spacious screen,
    Makes me want to scream
    In joy an d happiness
    IMac, godbless!

  28. Adri says:

    You go everywhere with me
    and that makes me love you
    and I know you really love me
    because you are always there…
    even when I pee.

    To my beloved iPhone

  29. Joe Mamma says:

    Oh to win a Mimobot
    It’s something I don’t got.
    To wax poetic is something of courage
    To gain a simple thing of digital storage.
    All this effort is really silly
    There are more important things… like Free Willy

  30. Chris says:

    (to the tune of the Oompla-Loompa song. more or less)

    iPhone, iPhone,
    What did I do,
    Before I had the pleasure of working with you?

    iPhone, iPhone,
    I know you love me.
    Why else would you be all that I want you to be?

    You give me many apps and games to adore.
    I can play my tunes, or I can check the game’s score.
    I think you’re pretty great. Oh, how could I want more?
    When’s your next version out?

    iPhone, iPhone
    Give me a call.
    Do you like the ring tones that I installed?

    iPhone, iPhone,
    You bring me such bliss.
    Please never go away, because you would so missed!

  31. Ned says:

    Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
    Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
    Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
    And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.
    Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
    And often is his gold complexion dimm’d;
    And every fair from fair sometime declines,
    By chance or nature’s changing course untrimm’d;
    But thy eternal summer shall not fade
    Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st;
    Nor shall Death brag thou wander’st in his shade,
    When in eternal lines to time thou grow’st:
    So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
    So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

    P.S. I love you, iMac 🙂

    No copyright infringement intended 😛

  32. Lienster says:

    first was the iPod sound
    then was the iPhone touchy
    now is the iPad walk-around
    aren’t we just a big happy family

  33. Florian says:

    Oh, how it’s flashing beacon of life reminds us all,
    we haven’t shut it down at all.
    Upon the pushing of the button on the front,
    my macbook pro starts with just one grunt.
    But it’s only after flapping open the screen,
    the bright white light of God can be seen.
    Each time a piece of Heaven,
    my macbook pro is eight, of what the world already has got seven.

  34. spawn of Macenstein says:

    the ipod touch is so very fun,
    but don’t try and play it in the sun,
    you can play it most anywhere,
    but sometimes the games might give you a scare.
    From Flight Control to Pakoon 3
    the ipod touch is for you and me
    from Dizzy Bee to Doodle Jump
    the Ipod touch will make your heart pump
    From Cooking Mama to Bejewled 2
    the ipod touch will be fun for you!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  35. ArKay says:

    gleaming white outside
    brilliant glossy LCD
    wonderful keyboard

    multitouch trackpad
    passable sound quality
    oh, love my macbook

    Yes – it’s a two verse haiku. Couldn’t figure out a single verse one long enough to meet the minimum requirement…

  36. SB says:

    MacBook is black
    Folders are blue
    iCal keeps me on track
    of all my to-dos.

  37. Pick me! I’m completely out of Valentine’s Day ideas for the Mrs.

  38. stinkyboy says:

    whistle while you work
    hitler was a jerk
    mussolini bit his peenie
    now it doesn’t work

  39. smack6102 says:

    Oh Ipod Classic We have been through it all
    Break ups make ups with women short and tall
    even you weren’t prone to this
    I just ditched you and made the Itouch switch

  40. Jack Daw says:

    Did I win yet?

  41. Monica says:

    There once was a luxo iMac
    He is so great he is almost like crack
    He sits on my desk all pretty and white
    whenever I look at him he makes my night

  42. Bergerbot says:

    Who won? Were they notified yesterday? I want them so badly 🙁

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