Enter our “What Will Steve Call His Book?” Sweepstakes! - Macenstein

Enter our “What Will Steve Call His Book?” Sweepstakes!

This contest is closed. Congrats to faithful Macenstein reader Dr. Who who won with his entry of “One More Thing…”

With news that the notoriously private Steve Steve jobs has hired former managing editor of Time magazine Walter Isaacson to write his official autobiography, one can only wonder what Steve’s masterpiece will be titled. Will it be something cutesy, with an “i” in the front, like “iLife”, or “iAm So Rich”? Or something more obvious like “Why I’m so Awesome” or “I Will Eat Google’s Lunch”?

(Whatever it’s called, odds are the book will physically LOOK better than other CEO autobiographies and cost roughly 50% more.)

While one can never guess what Steve will do next, we’ve decided to let YOU try to help him out by coming up with the ultimate title for his book. Leave us a comment with your best ideas, funny or serious. We’ll pick our top 5 or 10 entries and put it them up for a reader poll. Enter as often as you’d like. Winner will receive a $50 iTunes gift certificate. The contest is open to everyone in the US (sorry, iTunes won’t let us buy gift certificates to non-US accounts), and runs until Friday (March 5th) at 11:59PM EST.

103 Responses to “Enter our “What Will Steve Call His Book?” Sweepstakes!”
  1. J McLain says:

    What the economy needs today – iJobs

  2. xero says:

    @Colin i like the idea of the title being ? (the apple logo incase it didn’t work) wish i’d thought of that

  3. nickfro says:

    i, Genius

  4. Rafael says:

    “I’m Bigger than Jesus”

  5. Dick Nick says:


  6. Vince says:


  7. Merry Prankster says:

    I Did it My Way

  8. Raymond Escobar says:

    8 easy steps to getting on the top of the organ receiver list

  9. Scottij says:

    Come on, you know it’s going to be “Insanely Great”.

  10. Mykel says:

    How iPadded my wallet?

  11. Randy says:

    “Just One More Thing”

  12. Shane Lother says:

    “One More Thing – The Biography of Steve Jobs”

  13. Aldo Johnson says:

    “Steve Jobs”

  14. ifireun says:

    Apple Seed

  15. 1) Namaste
    2) iSteve
    3) I Invented The Friggin’ iPhone, Have You Heard Of It?
    4) iWork, iLife, iMac
    5) iBook Pro

  16. JimmySchaps says:


  17. Gregg says:

    Jobs for Dummies

  18. Calvin Lee says:

    Steve Jobs : Better and Better and Better
    Jobs to Jobless to Revolution.
    iCame, iSaw, iRevolutionized
    The Trust Steve.
    The Steve
    The Jobs
    The iBook
    iCon of the Century
    Pixar and Apple.
    My Book.

  19. ghostshadow says:

    Self titled possibly?

    Steve Jobs

    I think that’s about it. Or maybe it’ll be so epic it won’t even have a name! It’ll just be white with a black apple logo.

  20. Jeremiah says:

    iWoz and Now iAm

  21. ookami says:

    “Book of Jobs – They misspelled my name in the bible”

  22. Rob says:

    i Did It Job’s Way (Frank Sinatra – I Did It My Way)

  23. Rob says:

    “I Ate The Worm From the Apple – And Survived”

  24. Lienster says:

    The man in black turtle neck and blue denim

  25. cartoonmatrix says:

    “It sucks, make it better”
    Death to Conventional Thinking
    I don’t care if you like me, you’ll love me in the end
    Customers aren’t stupid and neither am I
    Rogue Genius

  26. Smorgasbord says:

    Mr. Apple
    I’m Worth It
    Steve Jobs–Chapter 1
    The Apple Tree
    If I Write it, You Will Buy It
    The Apple Byte
    Jobs Had A Job
    I Fertilized The Apple Tree
    Why Microsoft Hates Me
    I Did It Right The First Time
    i’M Just Beginning (small i is intentional)

  27. biblezombie says:

    Apple a Day

  28. somana says:


  29. Drew Caster says:

    “With news that the notoriously private Steve Steve jobs has hired former managing editor of Time magazine Walter Isaacson…”

    He hired him? This is must be a Macenstein exclusive because even the New York Times is reporting that Jobs is co-operating with a project that’s Isaacson’s. No one else is reporting that Isaacson is working for Steve.

  30. Bjarki says:

    No doubt about it:

    Think Different.

  31. s parker says:


  32. Art Gallegos says:

    Steve Jobs: A Life Well Designed

  33. davewhippedgoliath says:

    Thank you Xerox/PARC

  34. Brett Grant says:

    Apples to Apples-
    iNever Quit

  35. Curt says:

    Reality Shift

  36. Scott D says:


  37. Joel says:

    No Way But The “Jobs” Way or Anything you can do I can do better

  38. Johndon says:

    How do you like them Apples?

  39. Sam says:

    Hello World
    Jobs classic
    My Back Pages
    Please Please Me
    Baby, You’re a Rich Man

  40. JImbo says:

    My New Liver Makes Me Shiver
    (an autobiography told in the style of Dr Seuss)

  41. Alex says:

    1. iDid
    2. The Tao of Steve
    3. How to make a WIMP computer and still look cool doing it.

  42. Alex says:


  43. tikilgs says:


  44. Sugapablo says:

    i,Jobs (comma is important)

  45. quinton says:


  46. Chris O says:

    iCame, iSaw, iApple

    The Biography of Steve Jobs

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