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iBook Slippers keep your feet toasty while pole dancing

It’s long been known the number one problem facing strippers during the winter months is frostbite. Well, one inventive gal has come up with a solution that doesn’t get in the way of her chosen profession. Behold the iBook slippers.

Given the current value of the iBook, these might actually be cheaper than regular slippers. (Warning, do not watch this video on your iPhone, as it is probably considered “overtly sexual” by Apple)

6 Responses to “iBook Slippers keep your feet toasty while pole dancing”
  1. Jonro says:

    The iPad will give a much better fit.

  2. Rob says:

    Hey…why didn’t she use the sham-wow…thought they were made in Germany

  3. darrell says:

    can anyone translate? it looked like an awesome asus commercial!

  4. nexfraxinus says:

    Haha no – the Asus Commercial is totally unrelated.

    It is an “out of old crap make fancy new stuff”-team. The simply take old stuff and make some useful stylish stuff out of it. Well some is just for fun like this one ..

    Simply they tell you that they created new fluffy slippers and then add a “hot” to it because the MacBook will eventually become warm .. which is why they tell you “heated by two processors” ..

  5. KC says:

    not enough ass in this vid.

  6. Hadee says:


    It’s not a MacBook…

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