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Windows 7 Series Phone has arrived

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3 Responses to “Windows 7 Series Phone has arrived”
  1. Dan says:

    Don’t tell me you archive *all* of the Dilbert daily comics…

  2. ObamaPacman says:

    Haha perfect! =)

    It’s more like 3 years for MS though.

  3. Walt French says:

    Twain: “Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn’t.”

    AMAZING that while the WhyPhone lseems to aspire to do nothing better or more than the iPhone did ***TWO YEARS AGO***. Except for sporting a Windows badge.

    (I presume they’ll have to somehow match XBox and Zune.)

    This’ll be interesting to watch. Per news stories, MS is locking down the screen size, processor speed, skin, and a whole bunch of other features that phone manufacturers use to differentiate themselves. So WHY would Moto, for example, attempt to profit from turning out a generic phone that’ll be matched feature-for-feature by cheaper ones from HTC or Samsung? For that matter, what benefit will Sprint get from a phone that all the other carriers have?

    Microsoft became powerful in the PC world by encouraging all these add-on hardware devices and software for the IBM PC, to the extent that it ceased to be an IBM. This device takes the opposite tack. Curious, eh?

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