Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (March 2010): Kaki West - Macenstein

Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (March 2010): Kaki West

Welcome to Macenstein‘s “Mac Chick of the Month”. Each month we feature a different die-hard, Mac-loving girl who is (almost) as well designed as the Apple products they love. This month we present you with the lovely Kaki West, an International Cover model, Actress, TV Host & Playboy Cybergirl who just happens to also be a die-hard Mac Chick!

Kaki West

Odds are you’ve seen Kaki everywhere from Macy’s catalogs and Beverly Hills billboards to the pages of FHM, Cosmopolitan, and GQ. Or perhaps from shows like Dawson’s Creek, Spike TV’s Ultimate-gamer, or her pageant titles as both Miss Rhode Island and Miss Virgin Islands. But just like the beautiful Apple gear she loves, this Mac Chick has more than just good looks going for her. The daughter of former assistant secretary of defense Bing West and former model Kate West, Kaki is a third-generation Ivy League-educated member of the the West family, and recently graduated Whittier College, California with a BA in theater arts and communication.

Kaki West

Kaki West

Kaki West

• Name: Kaki West
• Location: Beverly Hills, CA
• Occupation: International Cover model, Actress, TV Host & Playboy Cybergirl
• First Apple product you bought: Apple Desktop computer my dad bought it for me when I was 17.
• Favorite Apple Gear: My MacBook Pro
• Favorite non-Apple Gear: Bose headphones, they cut out all noise especially when flying they are bliss!
• Favorite TV Shows: HBO True Blood, Guilty pleasure “Real Housewives” series on Bravo.
• Favorite Movies: I am a Michael Mann fan so “Last of the Mohicans” & “Heat”, every viewing I see something different in his films.
• Favorite Bands: Classic rock bands were the best, Bob Seger & Journey. Current band would be “Kings of Leon”.
• Hobbies: Traveling, working out, writing, decorating, working with my charities ” Wounded Warriors” & “Wounded Vetrenas”
• Pets: The most adorable toy Maltese in the world , he is 2 and his name is Roki, pronounced “Row-key”.
• Web site(s):
Personal website: WWW.KAKIWEST.COM,
Facebbok Fan Page :

Kaki West

Kaki West

Kaki West

To see more of Kaki, check her out at:
Personal website: WWW.KAKIWEST.COM,
Facebbok Fan Page :

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26 Responses to “Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (March 2010): Kaki West”
  1. Garanimal says:

    Yow! Luckily she couldn’t hide behind an iPad yet…
    (that’s one heck of an iPhone accessory)

  2. broek-13 says:

    • Favorite Apple Gear: My Mac pro book

    haven’t seen this in the apple store yet..

  3. pn85 says:

    where is Mac Chick of the Month february 2010?

  4. iPhone guy says:

    a great Mac looking chick, but I guess she doesn’t have an iPhone – her personal website FLASH-only !!

    You can’t access it on your iPhone!!

  5. Chris Leither says:

    • Favorite Apple Gear: My Mac pro book

    just my thoughts… wtf is she talking about… well… I guess she’s just a bit dumb and opted for a MBP to use it as a mirror!

  6. Jonro says:

    Thanks, Doc, for a fantastic new Mac chick.

  7. Kaki W says:

    Thank you for the comments. I am happy to be Mac Chick of the Month!
    Special thanks to Doc and my good friend Mac Chick ” Yael Markovich” who suggested I become a Mac chick!
    I wanted to reply

    1.) Yes I had a Typo w my “Macbook Pro” – which the Doc was kind enough to catch for me! So excuse the typo, not “dumb”, But possibly a “blonde” moment lol!

    2.) I-phone Guy:
    Here is my non flash site

    Thank you,
    Kaki West

  8. Albert J says:

    Kaaakiii! Just droppin’ by to show ya some love! Congrats, girl!

  9. Daniel says:

    OMG, look at those eyes! Her eyes alone could bust iPhone sales if Steve called on her for an add spot. 😀
    Thanks Doc, for another wonderful photo set.

  10. Romulus says:

    pretty hot pics, poses and gadgets. I’d buy an IPhone from her even though I already own one.

  11. JM says:

    Where’s page two???? Why so few pics? Recession here too???

  12. Timbini says:

    Hot Mac Chick! I’d like to see more of Kaki! Especially if she’s naked!

  13. Robert S says:

    Great pics Kaki, I am a fan From PB forums!
    You look beautiful as usual,and Pay NO attention to negativity

  14. SAMIRA says:


  15. Love my kakiliscious! you look 🙂 hey people how about you leave a nice comment and keep the rude ones to yourselves…no haters allowed here!

    Yay for Miss September 2009 MCOM and Miss February 2010 MCOM 🙂

    I wanna say Kaki West…Miss (month) playmate of the month soon! Hef make her a playmate already 🙂

    Yael Markovich

  16. I meant Miss March 2010 LOL

  17. JASMINE says:

    Wow, what a BOMBSHELL!! I never thought mac products could be worn so sexy!!

  18. Sara says:

    Ohhh my gosh I freakin love the pictures!!! Kaki is soo pretty!! That’s so cool that ur mac chick of the month! I didn’t know there was such a thing but LOVE it! Haha

  19. stephen j moroney says:

    Kaki is a lady of distinction and honour. If she recommends MAC then you can be absolutely certain you have a quality product. Her beauty speaks for itself, impeccable and stunning.

  20. Aldo Johnson says:

    BA in theatre arts? Hey, my school just happens to need a Theatre Arts teacher. 🙂

  21. iMaty says:

    Luxury chick!

  22. Min says:

    Kaki is the BOMB!!!! She even has a iPhone, iPad friendly website. You Just can’t do any better than that!!!!!

  23. Rob says:

    Wow….I’m sorry…I didn’t see any Apple gear….wait….I’ll look again….

  24. APRIL says:


  25. scott says:

    No way this horse-faced chick is a mac-user. “Mac Pro Book?!”

    Bring back REAL mac using chicks!

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