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Hmm… A not so subtle move on Google’s part?

Oddly doing the same search for Droid Phones yields no results. I assume this either means no one has ever had a problem with one, or no one has ever bought one.

[via imgur]

7 Responses to “Ouch”
  1. Wiseguy says:

    It does, however, frequently refer to itself in the third-person.


  2. Uncle Miltie says:

    Sounds like Google is going to the mattresses here. It’s war, and it’s on.

  3. CPE says:

    I did get this one to show:

    From Google Droid

  4. Min says:

    to Uncle Miltie on Sun,
    “Then, Apple gotta find a spot over on the West Side” haha

    Love Godfather!

  5. ObamaPacman says:

    LOL, no one ever bought one. =)

  6. William says:

    searching under “why android” or “why droid” lists:
    why android is better than iphone
    why android is better
    why droid wifi
    why droid better than iphone
    why droid doesn’t have multitouch
    why droid eris
    why droid underclocked

    I am a bit suspicious now.

  7. Skip says:

    Same results for me too…however try searching “driod doesn’t” and see the results. Ha!!!

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