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Augmented reality driving is awesome, and probably fatal

Have you given up drinking and driving but still want that “reckless feeling” when you get behind the wheel? Well, check out this insanely cool Augmented Driving icon app from imaginyze that will probably be towards the bottom of the list of any parent looking to get their kid a present for passing their driving test.

While it appears to be a recipe for disaster, at least your kid won’t be texting and driving…

Fully exploit your iPhone 3GS hardware with this unique augmented reality app.

Are you often driving on highways or country roads? Then you do not want to miss the impressive technology of Augmented Driving with real-time object detection with up to 10 fps for your iPhone 3GS including the following features:

– Dynamic augmented reality overlays for lanes and vehicles
– Head-up display (HUD) for system and status information
– Lane detection and lane change warning
– Vehicle detection and low distance information
– System auto-calibration for easy setup
– Many configuration options and quick manual

The system is designed to work in good lighting conditions during daytime for visible lane markings on highways and country roads and for detection of regular cars. For operation, a fix mount is required. Please follow the safety notes and consider the setup instructions for optimum performance.

6 Responses to “Augmented reality driving is awesome, and probably fatal”
  1. xyberdruid says:

    doesn’t look THAT different from a basic GPS

  2. anonymous says:

    you know what’d be nice? laser beams! make it so if you honk your horn, laser beams will be fired to the nearest car! thats super awesome! and link it up with multiple other iphones on the same road and keep track of frags! yeah! and and if there’s more iphone in the car, they can use it as as a a turret! laser beam turrets!

  3. Captain Obvious says:

    That’s realtime video on the screen, dumbass.

  4. Tony says:

    I’m having a hard time seeing the point of this. It just seems to add a lot of redundant information and annoying warnings to the everyday driving experience.

  5. Bunyip says:

    So it tells you what lane you’re in.
    And it tells you if there is a vehicle in front of you.

    Isn’t that why we have eyes????????

  6. animator13 says:

    it doesnt matter about the redundancy of the info it gives you, this app is awesome that shows you there is no limit to the things you can do with the iphone. Why not add maps to this? That way its a gps with real time video, thatd be frickin awesome

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