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Jon Stewart gives his take on the whole iPhone 4G thing

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart voiced his opinion on the lost/stolen iPhone 4G that seems to have landed Gizmodo in so much trouble. I won’t ruin which side of the fence Jon lands on here, but I DID get this link from the Gizmodo Australia website… Enjoy.

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5 Responses to “Jon Stewart gives his take on the whole iPhone 4G thing”
  1. Jonro says:

    Hmm. The title is “Appholes.” I wonder which side of the fence Jon lands on? Meet me at Camera 3…

  2. Dave-O says:

    Letterman and Stewart both nailed AT&T last night.

  3. DJ says:

    The prototype probably cost a few thousand to manufacture, and who knows how much to develop. So look at it this way: If the guy found a concept car on the street with the keys in it, took it for a spin, and sold it, and then admitted it, he’d probably go to jail. The person who bought the car, knowing where it came from, would probably go to jail as well, especially if he posted photos of it after he had taken it apart.

    As soon as the guy took the phone out of the bar, it became stolen property. Is it okay to let it slide because it’s a cool phone?

  4. m4tt says:

    with the if it was lost or stolen aside. The guy contacted apple and gave the phone back. so then why did they have to come to his house and break the door down?
    What is next the Men in Black going to neutralize everyone that ever looked at there video???

  5. Dennis says:

    It did sound bad the way Stewart explained it, but he didn’t mention a few things:

    The guy who found the prototype took it out of a case designed to disguise it, and sold it to a guy at Gizmodo. The Giz guy took it apart, photographed it, and wouldn’t give it back to apple immediately (maybe to get more hits?). He also posted photos and the name of the guy who found the phone. The Giz guy even tracked down and called the Apple employee at work, then posted a transcript of the conversation and photos of the guy from his Facebook page. Also, the local police broke the door down, not some Apple agent, and the police probably follow their own protocol, not Apple’s.

    I don’t believe this guy was an innocent victim abused by Apple’s cruel hand. If he had a prototype from IBM or Intel, or if the had posted the formula for some secret new pharmaceutical from Pfizer, the consequences would probably have been the same.

    I think John Stewart believes Apple should behave differently because he loves their stuff and their marketing. I do too, but I also know Apple does not love me or owe me anything. It’s a very large, corporation that very successful in part, because it protects its innovations.

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