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So, what does Dilbert DO, exactly?

With The Far Side gone and all but forgotten, Dilbert is pretty much the only comic worth reading these days (with the exception of course of any Family Circus comic where the kid’s dead grandpa looks down on them from heaven). However, I never quite understood what Dilbert’s job was, and now I’m even more confused. Apparently he’s been promoted from nameless cubicle worker to iPhone engineer?

[via Daring Fireball via 9to5]

9 Responses to “So, what does Dilbert DO, exactly?”
  1. m4tt says:

    i think they are poking fun at the leaked 4g iphone left at a bar last week.

  2. Garanimal says:

    ya think? [dumb]

  3. KC says:

    When did Dilbert start being funny? And since when did snarky social commentary become comedy? I still don’t see it.

  4. Chris Leither says:

    Yo Doc… you forgot ONE comic… that still IS worth reading !!! !!!

  5. A. Emre Ünal says:

    Come on #3, Dilbert is actually a really good read.

    And totally agree with #4.

  6. Jason G says:

    This is probably from a dilbert mashup, not from Scott Adams himself. The website allows users to submit their own captions for the comics…

  7. imajoebob says:

    Dilbert has been an engineer since the very start. Hence the short sleeve dress shirt and pocket protector.

    My current favorites are Barkeater Lake and Get Fuzzy. The new one that tops my list is Sequential Art. Brilliant!

  8. Jonro says:

    The Far Side may be gone, but not forgotten.

  9. Jon says:

    this modern world isn’t bad

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