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Win one of 5 sets of exclusive Speck SXSW iPhone cases!

These days it seems like everyone and their grandma has an iPhone. However I remember a time, WAY back in 2007 (cue flashback), when having an iPhone meant something. You were part of an exclusive club. Sure, it was a club who was angry at overpaying for their iPhone, but still, we had a secret handshake and everything. I remember the thrill of showing off my iPhone to anyone who happened to be unfortunate enough to get within 15 yards of me. And I’ll never forget the look on their face when I showed them… the, um… clock app, and, um… the stocks widget. OK, let’s face it, the iPhone has gotten a whole lot cooler since then with the coming of the app store, and it’s no wonder that so many people have them now.

But even though our once exclusive club has blossomed into country-sized numbers, there’s still a way to recapture that exclusive iPhone thrill. Our good friends at Speck have given us 5 sets of two exclusive limited edition iPhone cases. These limited edition cases are a variation on Speck’s awesome fitted hard case ($30 each) (which just happens to be my case of choice these days), and were given out ONLY at this years SXSW music festival in conjunction with Aol Events. Each winner will receive a set of both the “jeans” and “microphone” designs, and more importantly, will once again be able to experience an exclusive thrill when holding their iPhone. (Unless you happen to run into one of the other 4 winners, of course).

In order to enter: Now that everyone has had a couple of years to get used to the iPhone and some of the novelty has worn off, I’ve noticed it’s gotten a little harder to impress people with our Jesus phone. So to enter, tell us What is the most impressive iPhone app you’ve seen? It can be pure eye candy, or pure utility, but what’s your “go to” app when you want to put a Blackberry or Droid user in their place? Contest ends April 26th, 2010. Open to Us and Canadian residents only. Thanks, and good luck!

59 Responses to “Win one of 5 sets of exclusive Speck SXSW iPhone cases!”
  1. Carrie says:

    I love the Kayak app. I’m impressed with how it’s just like the Kayak website, so I can plan a getaway while on the bus.

  2. Ryan J. George says:

    ESPN ScoreCenter… why go to several sites to get scores to all of your favorite times when you can see them all at once.

  3. apod says:

    X-Plane. Flying 747s on a device that fits in my pocket is pretty epic.

  4. Angel E. V. says:

    WhatTheFont is not just a useful app but utility when I need to know what font(s) were used for prior projects.

  5. Jonro says:

    Maps. Let the GPS find your current location, find a nearby restaurant and call by pressing the phone number. Anyway, it impresses me.

  6. J McLain says:

    Koi Pond still blows people away.

  7. Mark says:

    Colloquy. I know, it’s an IRC client, sure, but it uses the bouncer from the desktop so I can have a full and working irc chat I don’t have to be logged into directly and still be able to read all the old messages. Great for popping in with friends without missing out.

  8. steve519 says:


  9. Patrick says:

    I usually get the most questions when I’m playing Angry Birds, oddly enough.

  10. Ofek says:

    My “DIveLog” When I go diving..

  11. Thomas Platt says:

    Pocket god, for when you just have to be in control of SOMETHING.

  12. Roy Stone says:

    Things, I love the ability to sync todos, projects, notes, and ideas from my phone and my mac and always have my info with me.

  13. Jim D says:

    Yowza – The discounts help me pay for my hardware.

  14. Darrin D says:

    I love the Delicious Library app. When you have a movie collection over 600 it is nice to know what movies you have.

  15. My favorite app and the one I am always amazed with is TweetDeck. Its literally their desktop app on the iphone, but it works perfectly! It’s like it was built to be made on the iphone even though it came out as a desktop app way before!

  16. John says:

    Call me crazy but i think the Facebook app is rather useful for social networking junkies..

  17. Alexis says:

    Wolfram Alpha. Used to be way too pricy, but they changed it a little ago. Closest thing I’ve seen to artificial intelligence.

  18. JT says:

    I have 2 or 3 augmented reality apps that always get people talking, as does the barcode scanner apps.

  19. Mykel says:

    I use CNBC RT on an hourly basis. I follow AAPL every step of the way and WHAT A JOURNEY!!

  20. Mike says:

    Red Laser!!!

  21. m4tt says:

    For me it’s Logmein. I use it all day. It’s so much nicer than dragging out my

  22. Paul says:

    Has to be BrewMath! I would be lost in my homebrewing without it! Front page, upper right corner! I think the glass is getting worn out from me taping that app!

  23. David says:


  24. Aldo Johnson says:


  25. Sergio says:

    words with friends, it’s gotten really popular recently

  26. Greg says:

    Cardstar, always gets a “WHAT?” at cash registers…

  27. Jason says:

    I’m pretty impressed with the new Marvel app. It’s like automated pinch and zoom. Pretty cool.

  28. dood says:


  29. Frank says:

    Logmein Ignition.

  30. Damien says:

    RedLaser, the “other” phones might have it to, but the iPhone looks better while saving money.

  31. Nick Cornaglia says:

    MLB At Bat is a great app! My coworkers depend on my phone to hear the games at work due to our blocked streaming network and radio-blocking walls!

  32. Christopher says:

    Zen Bound blew me away with it’s visuals and simplistic, but engaging, gameplay.

  33. Steve says:

    Gotta go with Logmein

  34. Jeff says:

    Siri. Incredibly impressive when showing off the iPhone.

  35. Brandon says:

    I think for me it is Zombieville. No one has picked up my phone without being intrigued by it, and many have been sucked in just like i have by the game.

  36. Florian says:

    Amateur Surgeon! That app got me hooked, so I played the game like 3 times!

  37. Mike says:

    I think Epocrates, because it can help save peoples lives.

  38. Michael says:


  39. Brad says:

    3 app combo here,

    search for a torrent with safari

    I open up touchterm to SSH into my machine and start Transmission

    then open up the transmission web app and start downloading on my machine at home.

    it really wows people

  40. Skip says:

    FML, there’s nothing better than laughing at someone else’s idiocy to make your day not seem so bad!

  41. Teegan says:

    TeamViewer – I can access my computer from anywhere…for free!

  42. Travis Schiebel says:


  43. Stephen says:


  44. Juan says:

    Logmein Ignition

  45. Scottij says:

    Google maps (and it’s phone integration features) is still the coolest, most useful “21st Century” thing I can do on my phone. I love to show it to people.

  46. Dick Nick says:

    Star Walk

  47. BK says:

    I’ll have to go with Outside (the weather app). Considering where I live, I need to check the weather frequently. This app provides push notifications, accurate weather with different parameters such as humidity, wind speed, and etc with a visually stunning interface! I check this app every day. The standard weather app by Apple is dead to me. 😛

  48. Josh says:

    Zynga Texas Holdem. I got it on my iphone, but not my droid. arrrg

  49. Greg says:

    im really diggin’ on the “HULU” app… Oh. Wait. Uh… the “dog whistle”

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