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The dude who found the iPhone 4G was a PC user

Original image via Wired

That’s right people. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – a PC user will steal ANYTHING that isn’t nailed down.

According to a new report from Wired which highlights some key parts of a recently unsealed document outlining the details of the ongoing investigation against 21 year-old Brian Hogan:

“Warner [Brian’s roommate] directed the police to the nearby Sequoia Christian Church, where the cops recovered Hogan’s black desktop PC and flatscreen monitor outside an administrative office. “

Black… desktop… PC.

10 Responses to “The dude who found the iPhone 4G was a PC user”
  1. penguirl says:

    Sequoia… Christian… Church. How very Christian of him, Jesus must be proud.

  2. He looks like a PC user as well.

    Apparently his copy of the 10 commandments got lost.

    8: You must not steal.

  3. winteregel says:

    Me thinks Apple has been testing how the iPhone 4G works with a Windows environment, as some of the future buyers will probably work with Windows as well.

  4. It all makes sense now…

  5. MacMinder says:

    Yes, but journalist Jason Chen *was* a Mac user and Apple sure screwed him over. Four days after the iPhone was returned to Apple, his door was broken down and his computers, documents, electronics, all keys to his house and car, credit cards, and passport were seized. It’s all in the unsealed affidavit over at Mercury News.

  6. anonymous says:

    this is all just typical fear mongering. sowing the seeds of hatred and division. in this day and age, we should not discriminate against people’s skin color, religion, computer brands, OS allegiance, sexual orientation and political belief. It all started with a simple cartoon, mocking the jew’s hooked nose before it became a full blown holocaust. so lets us learn from history and not repeat this mistake again.

  7. Raptor007 says:

    Interesting, but who cares what OS he uses. I have MACS and PC’s in my house, I use Android and and iPad. Maybe its the Fanboy attitude on all sides that is ripe as fresh manure on the fields.

    The air must be pretty fresh for the MAC Authority sites, since Apple users never do any wrong, and PC’s users are all criminal. I say before you cast such aspersions around “That’s right people. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – a PC user will steal ANYTHING that isn’t nailed down.” you should look in the mirror.

    I guess since I use a MAC and a PC I must steal only half of the time when things are not bolted down. Disappointing, maybe blogs are NOT journalism after all.

  8. ObamaPacman says:


    Sounds like you didn’t read the court document

    These are NOT seized from Jason Chen:
    all keys, credit cards, and passport

  9. Andy says:

    That guy is such a douche bag (from Wikipedia: douche bag – a device for washing out the vagina as a contraceptive measure.)

    His beard looks like some kind of a furry fungus too.

  10. Henry says:

    the apple police are on the prowl. be scared, be very scared. i think i have bought my last mac.

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