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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is having iPhone trouble

9to5Mac points out an interesting status update by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg:

We’ll just skip the AT&T dig and go right to the obvious question which is whether or not Mark somehow got a new iPhone 4, and if so, is it eating batteries for breakfast despite Apple’s claims of longer battery life? It DOES seem unlikely that he’d buy the “old” 3G S version 1 week before the new model is being released… Plus as we all know, rich and famous people never “buy” anything, and his choice of phrase “I got an iPhone” could lead one to think he received his with a bow as opposed to a trip to the AT&T store. So we’re leaning towards he’s got the 4 early as a reward for being a millionaire.

Personally, I’d prefer to think that no matter which model he got, the reason for the 4 chargers is that he loves it so much he’s draining the battery through near constant use. Of course the REAL question for me is… how can someone who invented the largest time waster in the world and who single handedly destroyed an entire generation criticize anything? Shouldn’t he be telling us how his virtual potato crop is coming along or something?

6 Responses to “Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is having iPhone trouble”
  1. RiverRat says:

    All he needs to do to chew through the battery is allow the Facebook app to send push notifications. Instant battery drain.

  2. Maverick says:

    It’s quite clear based on batter usage like that he got an HTC EVO 4G and thinks it’s an iPhone.

  3. Yakobsen says:

    Mark has had a rough couple of months. Now, even his phone is out to get him.
    Poor guy.

  4. Jon says:

    He managed to get in a very noticeable dig against AT&T. That’s the kind of publicity that they don’t want. Maybe he bought four chargers because he does a lot of traveling, sometimes international, and wants to make sure he has power, even if he doesn’t have the correct power converter with him. Then again, maybe not.

  5. darrell says:

    i’m with Maverick on this one – he bought an Evo and confused “Video Calling” with “$5 extra/mo to use the Qik web camera application”

  6. Can everybody please quit using facebook? I’m tired of friends telling me to “look on facebook” for this, that, or the other thing. In addition, I’m starting to have potential employers call me and say “hey I tried to ask you about this job on facebook but couldn’t find you.” Look, I’m not joining facebook; there are other ways to communicate, and it’s basically a massive waste of time and bandwidth. Please die, facebook.

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