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HTC EVO vs iPhone4

I know these types of “iPhone vs. movies” tend to over simplify the pros and cons of both devices to support whichever fanboy camp their makers happen to be in, but since I’m firmly in the Apple camp, I like to think this makes some pretty sweet points. (Warning, these virtual Muppets are dropping F-Bombs like they’re going out of style).

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jonro for the tip!
[via laughing squid]

5 Responses to “HTC EVO vs iPhone4”
  1. I love these. Keep em coming I say. Genuinely funny.

  2. fractured says:

    I’m. In. Tears.

    So f*@king funny!!!!

  3. Barry says:

    More efficent and reliable, haha, wtf are you people smoking?

  4. chris says:

    I just watched this on my 4.3 in screen EVO…it was funny, but fu. The battery is comparable as long as u know how to manage ur power. And the updates really don’t bother me bc I update at night when I sleep. Plus it let’s me know there are ppl working on and improving my apps constantly. The future of smartphones are open platforms so get over it, it’s called competition.

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