Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (June 2010): Daniella - Macenstein

Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (June 2010): Daniella

Daniella Robinson
photo by Hector Perez

Welcome to Macenstein‘s “Mac Chick of the Month”, proudly sponsored by MacLove, makers of some of the sexiest iPad, iPhone, and iPod cases and accessories available. Each month we feature a different die-hard, Mac-loving girl who is (almost) as well designed as the Apple products they love. This month we present you with the lovely Daniella, a Professional Model and Event Coordinator, and of course, a die hard Mac Chick!

Daniella Robinson
photo by Saulo Padilla

Daniella has been in the modeling industry for over two years. It wasn’t until the last year that it became her profession. She has appeared in television shows such as Entourage, Extra TV, various music videos and commercials. In addition, Daniella enjoys hosting red carpet events; Her most recent appearance was hosting a Pre Grammy Red Carpet event in Beverly Hills. She has also appeared in BMX extreme sports video’s and advertisements and just recently filmed a Warner Bros movie featuring Metal Mulisha.

Daniella Robinson
photo by Hector Perez

Daniella Robinson
photo by Hector Perez

She loves MMA and Boxing, Daniella is the lead ring girl for fight nights in her hometown and is currently branching out into Los Angeles. She has represented MMA companies such as Fight Magazine.
When Daniella isn’t modeling, she is coordinating events and fashion shows throughout Southern California. Daniella loves mentoring new models and hopes to start her own modeling agency soon.

Daniella Robinson
photo by Hector Perez

Name: Daniella
Location: Southern California
Occupation: Professional Model and Event Coordinator
First Apple product you bought: My first Mac product I bought was a Mac Book Pro. I travel a lot and it’s always by my side. My Mac makes it so easy for me to update all my sites and put together business proposals for my events. I would be so disorganized without it.
Favorite Apple Gear: I couldn’t live without my iPod. It keeps me motivated at the gym and keeps me energized on long trips. I bring it everywhere!
Favorite non-Apple Gear: I love my Cyber Shot camera. I like taking it to shoots and getting pictures from behind the scenes.
Favorite TV Shows: Flash Forward, Entourage, Jeopardy and anything on History or Discover Channel. I love watching shows where I can learn something new!
Favorite Movies: Godfather II, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Lord of the Rings
Favorite Bands: I love all different types of artists and genres, from Frank Sinatra to Bad Religion
Hobbies: Working out at the gym, being involved in charities, going to the beach and spending time with my friends and family.
Pets: I have two of the sweetest dogs in the world! Their name’s are Daisy and Masha. They are part Husky and Australian Sheppard. I also have two fish named Candy and Cotton. I won them at the fair!

Daniella Robinson
photo by Snab Productions

Daniella Robinson
photo by Saulo Padilla

Daniella Robinson
photo by Hector Perez

Daniella Robinson
photo by Snab Productions

To see more of Daniella, check her out at:

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19 Responses to “Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (June 2010): Daniella”
  1. Vas the Man says:

    First of all, the link to the desktop wallpaper is wrong – I think it should be
    Second, there is no such dog as an “Australian sheppard” – there is such a thing as an “Australian shepherd” (although it isn’t actually Australian) but the dog pictured appears to be mostly border collie:

  2. garanimal says:

    This is the only blog post that is actually important today!

    Wowza!! What a hottie…

  3. lboy says:

    Thanks, I needed this.

  4. Ofek says:

    Nice dog! 😛

  5. Randy says:

    My God, I’ve never come close to banging a girl that thin. It really must be amazing. My hands could almost fit around her waist…
    Oh, and it’s cool she uses a Mac too.

  6. Rowlings says:

    Forget the dog, I’m looking at those puppies!
    (ba dum bum!)

  7. TheCos says:

    Very Pretty, AND into MMA. Nice!

  8. Mikey says:

    So cute. Cowboy pics are my favs.

  9. Tice says:

    @Vas the Man: Wow, you actually read the text? I guess you are not that much into girls, don’t ya? 😉

  10. dlowe402 says:

    Text??? What Text??? And I hope you meant Cowgirl pics…If so, I agree. The day the Doc starts puttin up “Cowboy” pics, I’m outta here!

  11. Mikey says:

    @dlowe – WHOOPS! Quite right! I’m all about the udders!

  12. Pete 2 says:


  13. Rob says:

    @Vas the Man….think you need to change your name to something less manly after a stupid comment about words….idiot….there’s a beautiful woman and you make a comment like that…tard knocker…

  14. Daniella says:

    I appreciate the kind words! As for my dog, she is and an Australian Sheppard and Husky mix. Xo

  15. stickboy says:

    @Vas the Man- You are totally mistaken. Yes there is a breed called Australian Shepherd, since you are such a wikipedia loser, here is the link The dog in the picture was bread by an Aussie breeder, who crossed the Aussie with a Siberian Husky. Hence, the Australian Shepherd and Husky mix that was eluded to earlier. It’s better to just not comment on things you know nothing about. This model is smoking hot!

  16. kmoth says:

    @stickboy, Vas was playing the roll of Spelling Nazi, pointing out that Shepherd was spelled wrong. And dog expert apparently. I’m going to assume he was ashamed of his boner and had to distract himself with something mundane.

    @Vas the Man, despite what your parents/guardian/other have likely told you, erections are a natural and healthy thing. There is nothing wrong with you and you won’t lose your eyesight if you touch it.
    Read it, you can thank me later.

  17. Matt says:

    Wow! Love the cowgirl pics and the one with the dog. Daniella is my kind of girl 😛

  18. do9n says:

    oioi hottieeee
    n umba 😉

  19. Hi guys says:

    She looks cute. Wanna go out with me?

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