Money heals all wounds - Macenstein

Money heals all wounds

Faithful Macenstein reader Andy writes:

Hey Doc,
Here’s humor that’s going around. Sent to me from my aunt in Naples FL.

No idea if that’s super old or not but for some reason it made me laugh. I think it’s the end pic that gets me each time.

6 Responses to “Money heals all wounds”
  1. seearees says:

    That end pic definitely makes this hilarious.

  2. That made me genuinely LOL. 3 Times.

  3. Bruce says:

    The smiles say it all. LOL

  4. LOL perfect, made me laugh 3 times, then went back for another read through

  5. David says:

    There are actually quite a few more out there.

    My favorite is
    Jobs: “How much space does Windows 7 take up?”
    Gates: “All it can find”

    If you want to get in on the fun, here’s the template

    The pictures are from the D5 interview in 2007. It’s still available on iTunes


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