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“Adding function to form”

While I appreciate the “Band Aid” metaphor Antenna Aid used, I think the “End Call” decal might be the best take on the Antennagate thing so far.

via The Daily What via Gizmodo

8 Responses to ““Adding function to form””
  1. dr Who says:

    If it’s a standard decal, it’s an insulator. Placing your finger on it will have hardly any effect.

    If these guys really had understand what there talking about, it would have read something like. “Don’t end call.” That way it would have been at least a bit humorous. Now it’s juts an other, they don’t grasp it at all…..

  2. Andy says:

    If the iPhone 4 works great as a cell phone with a case than who cares about band aids or other antenna insulator crap. It sounds like there are a lot of early iPhone 4 adopters out there who are the same people that lick frozen light posts or stick their fingers into ac power sockets.

  3. Mat Pancha says:

    Stop trying to defend it – this was a huge oversight plain and simple.

    Its still a nice phone – but come on, lets call a spade a spade, Apple missed that one big time.

    End Call decal – hilarious.

  4. A Sullivan says:

    @dr who
    I think you’ve missed the point. The idea is still to stop you dropping calls, it just says end call on it as thats where one can usually place one’s finger to make the signal drop (without the decal).

  5. MotoUser says:

    Over it already…

  6. Alfons says:

    Brilliant! =)

  7. Dave-O says:


  8. xyberdruid says:

    the image is fake but the sticker is real (via etsy) http://www.etsy.com/listing/52058857/iphon-end-call-now-sticker-stops-signal

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